CBT - Trampling on COCK and BALLS - We crush our slave's cock and balls flat - We squeeze out all the Cum!
FULL WEIGHT COCK AND BALL TRAMPLING under Feet, Boots, High Heels and more!


Hot Alina squashes Balls and Cock (HD)

New extremely hot video shooted with 5 Full-HD Cameras!

You won't believe your eyes when Alina climbs on his entire genitals with her full 145 lbs and stays there for a full minute. Her right foot is in the middle of HER SLAVE'S SCROTUM, CRUSHING HIS NUTS INTO NOTHING. Hear his GROANING OF PAIN and watch ALINA even SMILING about it. She is the one who decides when to climb down and when she finally releases him you can see an INCREDIBLE FOOTPRINT IN HIS COCK AND BALLS and a WEEPING WOUND!

You have waited for the heels? Here we are: Now the Mistress badgers his crotch with her stilettos. OVER AND OVER SHE BORES HER SPIKY STILETTOS DEEP IN HIS COCK AND IN HIS SCROTUM UNTIL HE SUDDENLY CUMS under a ROUGH FOOTSTEP OF ALINA'S HEEL!

Obviously Alina didn't expect him to cum so quickly, but she reacts quickly. With her sole she stomps his genitals hard and BEATRS OUT ALL OF HIS CUM!

For those of you, who already know Alina, you know that she loves crushing and playing with his cum,

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Cock Sitting 2

Mistress Stella sits down on her slave's cock and balls with her FULL WEIGHT making his balls almost pop. She rubs his genitals under her buttocks, she bounces on his balls and she circles her hot bottom on his cock and balls until her lucky slave cums under Stella's ass.

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Alina reads her Magazine on her Slave (HD)

Alina uses her slave as a human furniture to read her magazine. She sits down on his groin area, leans against his legs and places her nyloned feet right in his face.

See how she enjoys this situation. Many times she changes position. Sometimes the Mistress uses her slave's head to put down her magazine or she plays with her feet in his face or she places her endless legs on his head.

Sensually Alina licks her finger to flip pages. She completely ignores her slave when she is sunk in her magazine.

Then she has finished, gets up and leaves her human chair alone.

Starring: Alina
Resolution: 1920x1080
Actual Clip Time: 4:38 minutes

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Stella Ballbusting (HD)

Stella thought it would be a great idea to make a ballbusting video with her slave. Thus she orders her slave to undress his t-shirt, to put on his mask and to kneel down on the floor. Barefoot she stands in front of him and strokes his upper body, legs and genital area with her feet.

But this is only the intro, soon Stella kicks the genitals, that are still protected by his jeans. Her kicks become harder until the slave gets an idea what might happen to him today.

Then he has to undress his jeans. Stella thinks he is to slow so she helps him impatiently with her foot. Now she can boot the unprotected genitals with her beautiful feet and her powerful legs. With intention she hits his balls until the slave squirms with pain. Yeah that is fun!

Again and again the Mistress knocks her feet right in his testicles or against his erect cock. She walks around her victim and kicks him in the arse. Oops did I hit your balls? Poor slave...

Now Stella puts on her Mary Jane High Heels and restarts her game, meanwhile the slave had to undress completely. Look how much fun Stella has busting the balls of her slave in theses shoes! She is in her element now and permanently KICKS HER SLAVE'S GENITALS HARDER AND HARDER!

The Goddess steps away a few steps to take a RUN-UP and with dash she BLASTS HIS BALLS that the slave groans and convulses with pain. For minutes she torments her slave with hard kicks from the front, askance or from behind.

Then the Mistress changes her shoes again. Now she wears her killer platform go-go-boots. Immediately she notices how comfortable she feels in these boots and her slave will have to feel more pain. With the top of her boots she targets his nuts over and over and beats the daylights out of them. Repeatedly the slave groans and squirms with pain but Stella is merciless!

After all Stella steps back again and as fast as she can she runs towards her victim giving him a FINAL KICK IN HIS BALLS causing the slave to fall on the floor!

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Handjob in Sport Gloves (HD)

Alina came home from the gym and she is still wearing her sport outfit. A green top, hotpants, sneaker socks and sneakers. While Alina toughened herself in the gym, the slave had to prepare himself under the board and wait for Alina's return.

When Alina came in she immediately stepped on the cock box, circles her slave's genitals and teases and kicks them with her shoes. Then she sits down, because today she wants to take the chance to give him a handjob in her sport gloves.

The slave is wearing a blindfold, but it's transparent enough to see Alina and obviously her stunning look turns him on extremely.

The Mitstress enjoys her hard toy and rubs it with her hands, but it wouldn't be Alina if there were not these special moments. With dash she kicks her sole towards her slave's face, pretending to kick him hard in the face or she PLACES THE DIRTY SOLES RIGHT ON HIS FACE AND MOUTH. The Goddess undresses one shoe and lets her slave SMELL HER SWEATY SOCKS. With one foot she STEPS ON HIS FACE while she plays with the undressed shoe with his crotch. With her HOT BOTTOM SHE SITS DOWN RIGHT ON HIS COCK AND BALLS and rubs them under her weight. On every occasion she tries out something humiliating or exciting.

Then she continues her handjob and soon she takes him close to the climax, but for minutes she doesn't allow him to cum. Whenever she notices that he wants to shoot out his load she stops - not yet!

Bratty Alina wets her finger with his precum and LICKS HIS JUICE. The Mistress has really fun today and then she brings it to an end. She rubs her slave's cock until it CUMS ALLOVER HER HAND AND GLOVES. Eagerly she milks out every drop until there is a big puddle of sperm is on the board.

One left shock the Mistress has for her slave. Without any advice she strikes her hand in the cum puddle causing the cum to spatter around up to her slave's upper body and in his face. ALINA LAUGHS - how easy it is to scare her slave - and then she leaves him alone...

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Cum under my rough Pumps (HD)

Today Alina is wearing her rough high heel pumps and jeans hot-pants that show off her beautiful long legs. Like a sexy dancer the Mistress moves on the board and kicks the slave's cock in a disparaging way. “Ok, let's play with it“ she must have thought and starts rubbing it under her rough soles.

But that is just the beginning. As we know Alina, she obsesses about hurting and crushing the cock and she demands everything from her slave. Soon she makes her slave feel her power. MERCILESS SHE BORES THE PROFILE SOLES IN HIS FLESH, CRUSHING HIS GENITALS WITH HER FULL WEIGHT. She only uses the rings for not loosing balance while she moves up and down and dances on his crotch.

Stomping time: Alina has released her weight from his cock and balls and gives him endless stomps with her harsh profile-soles.

The Goddess notices how much she has turned on her slave and poses and dances on the board circling her “crush-toys“. Then she places both heels on his shaft until the slave groans and Alina starts marching. Alternating her heels bore painfully in his dick. Alina rests for a moment, but only to increase pressure, before she continues marching.

Again the Mistess changes position and this time she squeezes his genitals down with her soles. While she applies a lot of her beautiful weight she kneels down until she squats above her victim. With her finger she touches the glans and strokes the from the precum wet top the slave's penis. The slave groans and Alina decides to finish him this way.

WITH A SMILE OF DOMINATION ALINA MAKES HIM CUM while her soles bore painfully in his flesh and her finger slides tenderly over his glans. What a mixture that made her slave climaxing.

Because of the pressure of Alina's soles the cum cannot run out. Slowly the Mistress gets up and only when she releases pressure a bit the white sperm flows out. Alina plays a bit the the finished cock with her feet. Then she kneels down again and strokes her slave's genitals with he

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