Bratty Foot Girls

Bratty Foot Girls

Into HOT Bratty Feet? Do you dream of being completely and utterly dominated by the local College cheerleaders? Making you grovel at their divine feet. Want to get completely stomped flat by them? Have them force you to sniff their stinky gym socks and shoes? Well you've come to the right place! Bratty Foot Girls is an all new site bringing you the hottest girls, the hottest feet and the hottest action anywhere!


The Perfect Crush

kendra James has been planing for a while to shrink Matt. He has come over and she spring her surprise in him and shrinks him to an inch at her feet. She sadistically explains how she is going to crush every part of his body under her soles. Cracking his bones into dust with each step as she writhes in pain below her weight. It will be the perfect CRUSH!

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Crush Your Balls

Sinnamon Love is back to crush Ninja's nuts! She has him on the bed and grinds her big soles into his balls causing him extreme pain. He struggles to handle her weight she she stomps down hard on his nuts and cock.

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You're a foot loser!

hannah Sweet and Alice Wonder give it to you straight. These two hot 20 year olds think you're a straight up loser! They mock you for liking their sweaty feet, knowing you want to jerk off to them! They taunt you and tease you while denying you the privilege of touching yourself till they are ready. They verbally humiliate you and stick their soft soles right up in your face! Eventually they may let you touch yourself, but will you be allowed to cum? Watch and find out!

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Our Feet Stink and You Love It

Gorgeous amazons Paige Erin Turner and beckyLesabre have been out walking around town all day, they return to home to have their foot slave trapped in the face box, sniff and clean their smelly feet! They remove their shoes and YUCK the smell is very strong. Unfortunately for Ninja he has nowhere to turn his head as they jam their sweaty soles into his face and nose. They humiliate him with their stinky feet and force him to lick the sweat off. They eventually leave, but if Inja thought he was getting away he was wrong. They return to really finish him him off by smothering and trampling his face beneath their bare soles!

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New Job as a Foot Slave

Ninja's been called into his bosses office. His Boss, orias Bastet, has had enough of his sloppy ways at work. She has his termination papers ready and explains to him why he's getting booted, most annoying is all the sexual harrassment complaints he has received for staring at girls feet. His boss is somewhat intrigued by this though, and asks him if he likes feet. He admits to it and she concocts a new idea! She may have a new position for him. She orders him to kneel and start licking her heels clean. He kisses and licks all over her dirty heels. She then makes him remove them to reveal her ultra sexy sweaty feet. She forces him to lick clean every inch of her feet, her soles, between the toes. She enjoys his servitude as he goes to town licking and kissing her peds. Maybe he has a new job! As his boss' new foot slave!

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Face Runway

Hannah sweet wants to show Alice Wonder how to do face trampling! They lock Ninja in the face box and hannah goes to work stepping and squishing his face under her big size 9 soles. She teaches her the different positions - full frontal, reverse, sideways. Alice gets up and tries it out for herself. She has no regard for ninja's face as she steps down straight on it, They both take in turns squashing his face under their feet, even trying both at once! Then they take turns walking along the box as a fashion runway, stepping square on Ninja's face at the end of it.

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Threesome Throat Crush

Ninja's about to get a really sore throat in this THROAT CRUSH extravaganza! Jamie Daniels, Shauna Ryanne and GiGi all decide to really step and trample his throat and face for extended periods as he struggles to breathe! His face goes bright red and the is pressured into his skull while each goddess takes turns stepping onto his neck and face, they double team it and sometimes triple team him,, making sure he can barely take a breath! Fans of thorat crush will love this clip!

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COMPLETELY Trampled Underfoot!

For fans of a true long all around trample! Miss Brooklyn and Miss Kelly give Ninja a real going over in this fantastic trampling clip! Starting off in boots and flip flop, both girls grind their feet into his skin, leaving shoe prints all over his body and face. They quietly and sadistically stomp his body into the hard wood floor! After a while they remove their footwear, Kelly going barefoot and Brooklyn in bright orange stinky socks! They continue trampling him into the floor! Eventually Both girls go barefoot and start with the full body walk overs! Stepping on every inch of his prone body! This is one of our longest trample clips to date, running just shy of 15 mins!

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Jump On A Ninja!

Amai Liu and Talia Palmer are in a super cute Bratty mood and ready to JUMP all over Ninja. They bounce around on his body, stepping onto his face with their cute smelly feet while singing bratty tunes about jumping on him. They giggle non stop as they LOVE having a man under their feet. They crush his groin and start using his body as a human trampoline as they bounce up and down over and over again.

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Blackmailed Co-worker Foot lesson 2

After humiliating her coworker all day at work, Dee and ninja return home where Dee hasn't finished teaching him his lesson for making up lies that they were sleeping together. Once again she forces him to his knees and makes him remove her shoes, revealing her now ultra stinky scented feet and toes in her Pantyhose. She has her new footslave take the pantyhose off and shoves her smelly barefeet into his face, forcing him to inhale the stinky stench. She's not done yet, she wants to completely humiliate him! She makes him kiss and lick her dirty feet as she calls her friend to gossip and share how humiliated he is. He grovels at her feet, kissing each spot and sucking her soles. Dee still isn't done, why is he even kneeling? Not good enough! She makes him lay down on his back so she can use his body as her human floor! She stands on him and continues to humiliate his loser ass, standing on his face! She then forces her foot deep into his mouth, forcing him tpo gag on her toes. She grabs his tongue netween her toes and twists it around, punishing him for the lies that let slip! She calls up another friend and continues to stomp on his body as she ignores him whilst talking away. Once she is totally satisfied that he has learnt his harsh foot lesson, she leaves him there to reflect on his new position as her slave for life...Awesome clip that has a bit of EVERYTHING for true foot humiliation fans!!

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Blackmailed Co-worker Foot lesson 1

Dee has just received a phone call from one of her female co-workers about her roommate/ co-worker Ninja. Apparently he has been spreading a rumor around work that they have been sleeping together! She is FURIOUS with him! He comes in the room to get her to go to work, however she confronts him about the rumors. He admits it finally, and she starts to blackmail him. She makes him get on his hands and knees and kiss her heels. Cleaning them as he grimaces in embarrassment. She makes him remove her shoes to expose her STINKY STOCKINGS! She forces him to sniff them and inhale her sweaty stink! She forces him onto his back and starts gagging his mouth with her nylon clad toes, almost making him throw up from tickling his tonsils with her sexy toes! Eventually she has enough embarrassing him by taking pictures on her phone as he lays at her feet. A great clip for stocking fans!

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My Trample Secret

Ninja and Dee have been dating a while now, however Ninja's been keeping a secret from her! Dee comes home to find him lounging around watching TV. She sits down props her feet up on his lap and they have a bit of a talk. Ninja finally admits to her he LOVES feet! Even more he loves to be trampled! Dee is a bit shocked by this sudden admission. However she finds it interesting and asks him if she can try it out. He lays down as she casually steps up on him, a little worried she may hurt him at first. She steps around his body a bit and can tell he is loving it! She gets more into it, stepping up on his face and standing there for a few seconds. After a few minutes she is really LOVING trample! She starts standing up on the couch and jumping onto his stomach and chest, over and over again! Her intensity quickly gets high and she starts stomping harder, jumping high into the air and crushing his face under her perfect feet!! Before they know it they are both too turned on to continue and head off...

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How's The View? POV Trampling

Ever wonder what it would look like to be under the sexy Whitney Morgan as she goes to town trampling and crushing your body? Well this clip will give you a first hand perspective! Shot entirely in POV from the guys perspective, Whitney teases and tramples you, crushing your balls and stomping your belly nonstop. 10 mins straight of pure Whitney Morgan trample bliss!

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What's a Foot Fetish?

Shauna Ryanne and Cali Logan are hanging out after class trying their best to concentrate on their homework, clearly they get bored and the conversation as usual turns towards what all girls love gossping about..BOYS! Shauna asks Cali about the cute guy in her class that she has been kinda seeing. Cali responds that she kinda likes him but there's one issue...he likes FEET! Cali doesn't get it, and asks Shauna for advice...Luckily for Cali, Shauna has dated a few guys with a foot fetish and she tries to explain it to Cali.. Cali still doesn't GET it, so Shauna comes up with an idea... She has always liked Cali's delicious feet herself and offers to show Cali what it's like to have her feet worshipped. She starts slow, sucking and kissing her soles, slowly getting more into it, Cali is a little grossed out at first, but the longer Shauna worships them the more she gets into them...eventually Cali decides she want to try as well, She takes Shauna's sexy feet and starts sucking and kissing them too, before they both know it, they are in an ALL GIRL foot orgy! Both girls love on each others feet before they get too turned on to continue..... AMAZINGLY HOT GIRL ON GIRL FOOT WORSHIP!!

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At The Mercy of 3 giantesses

Not 1, not 2, but 3 Giantesses?? You better run for your life as Whitney Morgan, BBW Superstars Caramel Vixen and Sydney Screams have you caught and trapped! You are at their mercy and they will decide what they want to do to end your miserable tiny life. They wave their huge soles over your prone body as they torment you and make fun of your tiny frame. Will you end up broken under Whitney's sexy sole, will Sydney squash you with her thumb? or will you end up as a stain on Caramel's booty? Watch and find out!

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