Bossy Girls Equestrian Sports

Bossy Girls Equestrian Sports

Dedicated to equestrian sports where outstanding girls use submissive guys as beast of burden for their joy rides


A Dream Of Greek Goddesses - Stairway

This is an excellent clip. It is more than a pony ride by Goddesses, it is a flagellation and boot worship party. The music track is Greek pop music. The stairway ride on the guy's back and shoulders is a masterpiece

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 06:06    Format: WMV    File Size: 102 MB    Clip ID: 33128

Price: $6.99 USD

River Maidens - River riders

Unforgetabel and noisy ride on the back of a bobo in the river

Category: Riding Fetish    Duration: 08:17    Format: WMV    File Size: 493 MB    Clip ID: 31832

Price: $8.99 USD

Scorpions 04 Exercise your Poney

First Jaroslava then Faisuri exercise and play with their poney Jaroslava takes care of spitting into the poney's mouth when the animal looks thirsty. She also tunes his muscles with kicks and warms up his face with slaps Jaroslava does the same, however she spits on the face for fun rather than to make the poney drink some of her spit. She has a lot of fun with the poney. It is splendid to have such girls pay attention to you. Jaroslava is a darling with her red baby-doll. Truly worth worshiping. Albanian music track. Resolution 720x480

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 06:06    Format: WMV    File Size: 102 MB    Clip ID: 15426

Price: $6.99 USD

SFG - Sadistic Factory Girls 02 Heavy Lifting Duty

The proletarian worker Morg is trained to lift heavy weights by carrying the beloved supervisors on pony rides without knee protectors. Some brief chest scratching is done. The biggest burden to carry was the heavy supervisor Dahlia. Music track is the German Communist Party song Die Internationale. HD 1440x1080 resolution

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 06:45    Format: WMV    File Size: 401 MB    Clip ID: 15427

Price: $6.99 USD

Scorpions 05 Rainy Day Pony Ride

You can hear the rain during the video. The poney is exercised under the shed. The slave looks tired from previous poney ride. .Wet concrete floor is hard on the poney. Only the satisfaction t please the girls keeps him going. . There is no music No music track, it would detract from the melancholic mood of this clip. Resolution 720x480

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 07:17    Format: WMV    File Size: 122 MB    Clip ID: 15429

Price: $6.99 USD

Selfish Slave Driver 01 Exercise My Poney

Scarlet is an excellent topless rider. A pleasure to carry around on the mussy grass and get whipped by her. She is vewry demanding. She wants the fat guy to reduce weight. HD resolution 1440x1080

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 07:53    Format: WMV    File Size: 466 MB    Clip ID: 15433

Price: $7.99 USD

Skinny 04 Hit and Ride and Laugh

Flaca having fun with slave. Flaca means Skinny in Spanish. She is a fun pest to carry on your shoulders. Georgian pop music track. HD 1440x1080 panoramic resolution

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 06:22    Format: WMV    File Size: 382 MB    Clip ID: 15434

Price: $6.99 USD

Slave Drivers from Colombia Relaxation Pony Ride for Spunky Girls

Relaxing and fascinating pony ride by spunky girls in a slum apartment. Nude riding is good.Music track Resolution 720x480. Discounted from $5.99 to $2.99 for affordability and because it is low resolution. Rides are very good

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 05:04    Format: WMV    File Size: 38 MB    Clip ID: 15435

Price: $2.99 USD

Brazilian Slave Drivers Evening Ride Trample Dance

Trampling and pony ride in the park from dusk to night, then a good dance on the complacent living carpet enliven the lives of the princesses and give meaning to the life of the slave dedicated to their service. Don't you feel that it is good to be trampled, used as transportation and then as dance carpet by two aristocratic girls? Arabic music track. Resolution 720x480 Prtice reduced from $6.99 to $2.99 for affordability and because it is low resolution. The rides are good

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 06:56    Format: WMV    File Size: 52 MB    Clip ID: 15436

Price: $2.99 USD

Slavery Makes You Free 01 Imperialistic Rides

THIS IS OUR BEST PONYRIDE VIDEO OF THE YEAR 2010, Three (3) magnificent girls riding two slobs. Yasmin, Leila and Iskra ride with imperial style. The Russian and German music track gives impact to this great riding video. No doubt that you will cherish this magnificent video. HD 1440x1080 resolution

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 10:34    Format: WMV    File Size: 626 MB    Clip ID: 15443

Price: $10.99 USD

Step Sisters Femdom

Carry your sweet stepsister on your back and be whipped harshly by them. The stepsisters love outdoor sports and whipping. Yasmin, the fist stepsister who will enjoy the ride, does not care if the he has a backache. She whips him until there is no backache. No music track. This is an excellent ride by Yasmin and Leila. Resolution 720x540

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 05:05    Format: WMV    File Size: 68 MB    Clip ID: 15445

Price: $5.99 USD

Slum Baronesses 03 Ride of the Baronesses on a rainy day

Nice day for zany nude ride under tropical rain You can occasionally hear the thunder. Some English subtitles. Music Track. 1440x1080 resolution

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 11:26    Format: WMV    File Size: 684 MB    Clip ID: 15446

Price: $10.99 USD

Submissive Peon 04 Ride them and Beat Them Like Donkeys

Lots of belting is wasted on worthless donkey who is barely capable of lifting Daniela and Yacqueline. Resolution 740x480

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 02:24    Format: WMV    File Size: 18 MB    Clip ID: 15447

Price: $2.99 USD

Sweet Dreams 04 Ride Beat and Asphyxiate

Sweet Dreams - Wash the guy or drown them? This video will stick in your mind. Superb girls driving their pony boys to the river to drink. Great asphyxiation scenes. It is a joy to see these girls dunk the boys and ride them like horses. Music Track. Resolution 720x480 Price reduced from $6.99 to $2.99 for affordability and because it is low resolution

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 06:32    Format: WMV    File Size: 110 MB    Clip ID: 15449

Price: $6.99 USD

Strange Wedding 04 Pony Walk Worthiness

Future groom proves his male strength by carrying future bride and her girlfriend for pony walks. Good whipping helps him improve. THIS IS A GOOD PONY SHOULDER RIDE. Music Track. HD resolution 1440x1080

Category: Pony Play    Duration: 06:06    Format: WMV    File Size: 364 MB    Clip ID: 15452

Price: $6.99 USD