Bondage Tours San Francisco Public FemDom Mistres

Bondage Tours San Francisco Public FemDom Mistres

It is amazing what you can get away with doing in public here in my home town!

San Francisco, CA, USA is a uniquely accepting and kinky place. Join me for some very special femdom fetish tourism!

Public bondage, public bdsm, public humiliation!

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Lunch In Strait Jacket Bondage Pt 4 FemDom Mistress Humiliation Feeding Feedee

Public Leather Bondage Part 4 Lunch at WG AliceInBondageLand

Have you ever been fed a meal while in bondage?

Eating while tied up is a special kind of pampering and torture rolled into one... it can have connotations of age play, humiliation, sploshing or even torture if you're like me and enjoy making vegans eat meat sometimes.

All of the flavors, nuances and textures of the food take on special significance when your mouth is the only part of your body that you can move!

Enjoy this special bondage lunch behind the scenes video hosted by Wicked Grounds - our local kinky coffee shop!

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Folsom Street Fair Public Humiliation FemDom Group Domination Mistress BDSM CBT

THE WALK OF SHAME - In a Slave's Own Words

This slave was required to walk to the Folsom Street Fair with its anus deeply stuffed with a large black buttplug. Once there, it was required to strip and remain naked at all times, except for sandals to protect its feet and a hood to conceal its identity. For decoration, it was made to wear a collar and a ball parachute. Bright red tiny lacy thong panties and a matching lacy bra were added for additional humiliation at the pleasure of Mistress Alice.

Mistress and her three domme friends took turns leading it back and forth by a chain leash attached to its ball parachute. There it was frequently displayed, humiliated, and punished for the entertainment and amusement of the huge crowds. For two hours, it was exposed to videotaping and photography by Mistress' cameraman and by countless spectators.

Soon after its arrival, it was well-spanked on its buttocks and kicked in its balls by Mistress, her friends and passing female volunteers. They also subjected its buttocks and thighs to frequent shocks with a cattle prod.

It quickly obeyed all commands from its Mistress and her friends, including the command "Worship," which required it to orally worship female shoes and boots, "Display," which required it to bend over, stick out its buttocks, spread its cheeks with its hands and fully display its plugged anus and the command "Present", which required it to present its cock and balls for torment, not attempting to protect them in any way.

As often as possible, flyers with these words were handed out and read loudly to passing women:

"This slave is here to suffer for your amusement and entertainment. It has repeatedly masturbated while watching porn in which pain and humiliation is inflicted upon women. As its punishment, it is to endure hours of naked public pain, humiliation, and degradation here today. These hours are being videoed for display and sale online, so that the public can purchase, download, watch, review, rate, comment on, and masturbate over its torment."

All women are urged to add to its humiliation by surrounding it, photographing it, posing for photographs with it, commenting about it, examining it, pinching it, slapping it, or taping written comments to it."

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Lighthouse Sissy Rubber FemDom Group Humiliation Public Latex San Francisco California

After a day of public rubber sissy humiliation with a gang of femdoms, it is time to rest and relax next to a local lighthouse landmark in San Francisco, California. We also enjoy Alcatraz in the distance plus some sexy fetish modeling from Daisy Ducati, Denali Winter and AliceInBondageLand.

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Cross Country Train Trip Part 2 Bondage Ice CBT Strait Jacket Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Cross Country Train Trip Part 2

Bobbie must endure cbt and intense inner thigh flogging while still locked into chastity and strapped tightly into his "Caught In the Act" straitjacket. I also enjoy an easy-to-acquire vanilla cock and ball torture toy... ICE!

He must take things "one day at a time" on this cross country bondage trip. Since this is the first day of constant bondage, he also has to bring it down to "one minute at a time" in order to remain sane within the layers of intense bondage and restriction.

In a surprise revelation, being fed lunch while still in bondage surprises, terrifies and humiliates him more then all of the experience combined so far. It emphasizes his helplessness in deep and frightening ways. When you cannot feed yourself or go to the bathroom alone for DAYS at a time, you experience true dependence on your dominant. It is a very special kind of intimacy and builds a special "Stockholm syndrome" bond.

Bobbie cannot even operate the latch of the door to our train cabin. He is truly trapped with me for the next 3,000 miles.

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Cross Country Train Trip Bondage Part 1 Strait Jacket For 3 Days FemDom Mistress Alice

Train Trip Copy

Part 1

This is my vision of the Great American Roadtrip movie. Except in a train instead of a car, so no one has to worry about driving.

State by state, we are crossing the entire continental United States by passenger train. Poor Bobbie is trapped with me inside a room the size of a small closet. At night, the seats fold down into bunk beds and he is locked into a sleepsack with a Texas Catheter. During the day I can make his world even smaller with a strait jacket and chastity belt.

After many hours and many days of bondage, will he go insane or become enlightened? Can he keep me entertained all the way from sea to shining sea?

My slave is about to endure 3,000 miles in bondage!!!

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Pride Flag Lesbian PUBLIC BONDAGE Mummification FemDom Mistress Humiliation

Pride Flag Mummification Denali FULL MOVIE AliceInBondageLand

I have been fantasizing about the Castro and Market pride flag pole since I was in highschool… in those days, gay kids were taped to the flagpole naked and mocked. I have something different in mind. We are here to reclaim our queer pride!

Hundreds of people photograph Denali Winter in her Pride Flag mummification bondage throughout the day of our “bondage art installation.” She is encased in shoulder-to-foot duct tape and cling film. I feed her a cookie to help keep her blood sugar up and then I gag her with duct tape over her mouth.

This is a ginormous rainbow flag at the busiest intersection of San Francisco. The sounds of the city and of local construction fill this video so you know it was the real thing in public!

Our scene quickly draws a crowd and I interview Denali for local news cameras. We get a blessing from “The Gay Betsy Ross” when he hears my story about high school gay bashing and how we are reclaiming it through perverted pride art.

It is a great excuse for an incredible bondage scene that is INCREDIBLY public! Only in Bondagelandand San Francisco!

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Sissy Humiliation Golden Gate Bridge Latex Maid Uniform Exposure THIS IS REAL FemDom Mistress

Sissy Golden Gate Bridge Bondage

This is extreme public humiliation!

We are both dressed in rubber, but my sub is wearing a neon pink sissy maid uniform for our Grand Day Out... she has no idea what I have planned.

Here we are on the iconic Golden Gate bridge. We are surrounded by tourists, morning traffic and even an amused police officer who stops by to make sure our "shenanigans" don't get too out of control.

No, we're not tying ourselves to the bridge to protest anything... this is public humiliation punishment for naughty SissyAmy!

Can you hear all those car horns in the background?
How many people do you think will see us today? A thousand? More?
How many tour buses will stop to take pictures?

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Sissy Shopping Trip IN PUBLIC FemDom Sex Shop Mistress CD Humiliation

Sissy Amy Shopping Trip Mr S

All of my favorite bdsm gear comes from Mr S. It is not inexepensive, nor for the faint of heart, but since the old days of being known as "Fetters" their quality just cannot be matched.

I love going shopping there and they encourage bdsm, cruising, exhibitionism and trying on the gear before you purchase it (cock rings are so hard to size without actually putting the device on!). They are a PERFECT place to go shopping with my special sissy slut.

We explore their vast selection of METAL bondage gear and chastity belts... for those that need something truly inescapable. Ultimately, our goal is to find the perfect latex hood and I am certain we will find it here today...

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Locked Fetish Boots Pt 3 Sissy PUBLIC Bondage FemDom Mistress CD TV

Sissy Amy Wicked Grounds Part 3 -
Locked Fetish Boots

It isn't enough to simply tie Sissy Amy up in public. I want to add extra hobbling humiliation and layers to the bondage.

While she is securely bound in my white rope web, I remove her normal high heels and replace them with sky high LOCKING fetish boots. They match her black latex stockings and locked chastity belt marvelously. Now she is inextricably bound even further into enforced femininity.

These sexy heels are very difficult to walk in but I expect her to keep up with me on our shopping trip! Will she be able to walk at all when we are through with her? A true test of a sissy submissive slut...

Meanwhile, other people are taking photos and twittering about our scene, maximizing SissyAmy's public exposure online as well as in person.

Do you have what it takes to be on display like this?

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Rope Bondage Sissy Maid in PUBLIC Pt 2 Shibari FemDom Mistress Humiliation

Sissy Amy wicked Grounds Part 2 -
Public Rope Bondage & Latex

Wicked Grounds is a special coffee shop and so it has some highly specialized BONDAGE furniture instead of normal tables and chairs. I use one of the special bondage chairs to secure my sissy submissive, still in bright pink latex.

To make the rope bondage extra inescapable, I lube up her hands and put her into elbow length latex opera gloves. Now she cannot pick the knots. There is no friction to untie yourself when your fingers are lubed up!

I enjoy using ALL of my bondage rope to secure my sissy submissive, layering and pulling it tight to keep her seated. The white rope looks very bold against the pink and black latex uniform.

She is helplessly exposed while people take pictures of their own. Even people outside on the street can see her at the front of the cafe!

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Sissy Maid Tea Service in Bondage Pt 1 PUBLIC Crossdressing Latex Humiliation

Sissy Amy Wicked Grounds Part 1 -
Tea Service

We are desperate to warm up after the chilly scene cuffing SissyAmy to the Golden Gate bridge in a scene full of wind chill and heavy traffic. She submitted to EXTREME public humiliation. Now she has earned a treat!

I interview my shy submissive on the way to the coffee shop about her kinky experience so far. She is nervous but enthusiastic.

Latex, fetish clothing and bdsm play is all welcome in this very special coffee shop so we drive right over, still dressed up. The other kinky patrons are all very curious about what is going on so I take a few minutes to show off SissyAmy, her pink latex maid's uniform and especially the secret chastity belt beneath her panties!

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Sissy Public Humiliation FULL MOVIE San Francisco Mistress FemDom Domme

Sissy Amy Wicked Grounds Public Humiliation FULL MOVIE

Some things can only happen in San Francisco...

After uncuffing my sissy from the Golden Gate Bridge, we are tired, hungry and chilled by the brisk coastal wind. It is the perfect time to visit Wicked Grounds for lunch and a cup of renewing coffee.

Wicked Grounds is a very special place. An 18+ kink friendly coffee shop, it is where yours truly edits most of her kinky movies but also a safe place to have munches. negotiate a scene with a new play partner, hide out during Folsom Street Fair or take a break during a play party with Bondage a Go Go or the Citadel.

I short, it is all the best aspects of a pansexual leather bar, but without having to deal with drunk people... plus, play is permitted!

We're out pushing boundaries and putting on a show for San Francisco tourists, now it is time to give a bondage performance art treat to our friends!

SissyAmy and I are still dressed head to toe in latex fetish clothing, me in a sleek Mistress ensemble and her in a scandalously short NEON pink sissy maid uniform. I add some fabulous white rope bondage over the top to accessorize her look, then upgrade her shoes into PUNISHMENT boots that I LOCK on tightly!

Now my sissy is nice and secure as a human footstool while I enjoy some refreshment.

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Public Rubber Bondage Humiliation Part 2 Tea Party Wicked Grounds BDSM Mistress FemDom

Rubber Gimp Tea Party Part 2 -
Wicked Grounds Public Rubber StraitJacket Bondage

My slave and I are dressed up in rubber bondage gear for a day on the town, starting with a nice walk and a cup of coffee at Wicked Grounds - the ONLY kinky coffee shop in America!

What is a kinky coffeeshop? An 18 and over, play-friendly, kinky, open-minded place to have a munch, work from your laptop or meet a potential play partner! Great coffee, fresh-baked snacks, toys available for sale at the boutique and a few "specialized" tables and chairs with bondage extras!

Come on down and spend the day at a table or in the cage!

We get a lot of attention, especially once the owner of the cafe "tweets" about our scene in progress at #WickedGrounds. Lots of San Francisco friends come out of the woodwork to admire my handywork and to check out my completely encased rubber gimp - who has to drink all of his tea through a gag!

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Heavy Rubber On The Streets Pt 1 PUBLIC Latex FemDom Humiliation Mistress

Rubber Gimp Tea Party Part 1 -
Heavy Fetishwear on the Streets of San Francisco

My favorite exhibitionist slave and I are out for a walk in windy San Francisco. I almost loose my hat but since I am wearing skin-tight black rubber I don't need to worry about the rest of my clothing catching too much air.

It is fun to listen to all the horns that honk at us. Enjoy the expressions on the faces of the normal people that we pass by on our little walkabout.

We are on our way to have coffee in fully HEAVY RUBBER bondage and get a LOT of attention. A few people even stop to pose for photos with us on their cellphone cameras.

I think modern technology has changed the nature of exhibitionism a great deal... now in America almost everyone, everywhere, has a cellphone camera in their pocket for just such moments.

I wonder how many fetish fantasies we inspired walking down one of the main streets of San Francisco in the breezy afternoon sunshine.

How many secret fetishists saw us and wanted to be the one in latex straitjacketed bondage with a leash on his balls?

Just another day in my kinky hometown - this place LOVES public fetish mischief!
Welcome to San Francisco, capital of Bondageland.

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Rubber Gimp Tea Party FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress Latex Humiliation

Rubber Gimp Tea Party FULL MOVIE

San Francisco is uniquely kinky among American cities and I love to push the envelope with public bondage stunts and shenanigans.

Today, I am taking my slave out in FULL rubber gimp encasement bondage, complete with a catsuit, corset, high heels, boots, hood, straitjacket, gag and a leash attached to his balls! We get a LOT of attention from passers by that want to take a cellphone photo with us and from passing traffic honking their horns.

We work up a thirst in our head-to-toe rubber, so it is time for some refreshments at Wicked Grounds... where the owner quickly tweets about our mischief in progress, drawing even more kinksters and bondage enthusiasts out of the woodwork to participate and ask probing questions about our kinks.

I love showing off a good exhibitionist, especially in this town that embraces and celebrates diversity. Honk if you see us!

Join me for in-person mischief in kinky San Francisco or online at

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Tour Bus PUBLIC Humiliation Part 2 Leather Strait Jacket FemDom Mistress Bondage

Public Leather Bondage Part 2 Tour Bus Exposure AliceInBondageLand

My bondage tourist is strapped down securely into his mobile bondage contraption. Loosely based on a wheelchair, this high security transport chair is covered in attachment points, from the 5-point racing seatbelt to foot restraints made out of snowboard mounts.

This chair was made for mobile bondage and we intend to take it (and my gimp) on a wild adventure of public bondage through the streets and tourist destinations of my beloved home town, San Francisco.

We start at Sutro Tower, where there are loads of tour buses unloading foreigners who want to take our picture at the senic lookout point!

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