Bitchy Girls Humiliate You

Bitchy Girls Humiliate You

POV humiliation & ladies making fun of your pathetic teeny weeny plus foot domination & worship & degradation mainly because you're just a pathetic loser.

Cuckolded and chastity with brat wife Raquel

Yes, we all know it's hard to hold it when you're already super desperate to pee but they have to take turns to pull out random challenges & then complete them!
Constance is in super skintight orange jegging jeans that make her bulging bladder look so full & bulgy. Then Tara is in tan overalls which also pull up into her crotch,
giving them both tight cameltoes. Constance is more desperate than Tara when you see how quickly & how much she pees! You can tell it's very yellow even when it's
on the tile floors.... a lot of it got onto her fabric shoes too! This scene is extra fun since they are real friends & were road tripping together as they rolled through Vegas.
They're both wearing matching high rise satin panties that are very tight and shiny, showing off their pissy wet crotches & having a ton of fun as we filmed this!

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Cuckold Hubby Listens to Wife Fucking on Marriage Bed

You follow your beautiful slutty wife, Arielle, upstairs where she tells you to get under the bed cuz her big bull is coming & she's been so horny to get filled with a huge big cock lately. you get under the bed just to hear a knock & she's so thrilled to lead him onto your marriage bed & feel his thick cock inside her. She can't get it in fast enough & soon the bed is bouncing above you. You hear her moaning & telling her bull how your cock is really small & can never make her cum with it. You try to peek but you don't want to get caught! She tells him to put it in her ass... WHAT!?!?! She never wants anal sex with you... but this guy really fills her up good & you can hear her screaming in exctasy as he cums inside her ass & fills her up. She tells him to go downstairs and get some water & as soon as he's gone, she tells you to lie down on the bed so you can clean her out & lick up all the semen dripping out of her ass.

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SPH Luci Rides your TIny Cock Humiliation

your cute college student knows exactly why you invited her to the house & knows what she's gotta do to not fail this semester. her parents would be so dissapointed if she didn't get an A.... so right away, she starts rubbing you through your pants but when she unzips you shes surprised you're not hard... OH!! you ARE hard already... she's just ummm never seen one so small before. She really needs to pass so she puts it in but ummm is it in?? can you feel her cuz she can't really tell, lol. Oh boy, it fell out when she started riding... oops... ok let's just try again.... this is a VERY REALISTIC scene with sexy Luci Lovett & the ending will have you CUMMING PREMATURELY. How embarressing

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Daughters Friend Sees your Small Peepee SPH

Luci is a new comer & true amatuer, 20 years old and has a super cute "uh oh" face before she wets! She's trying to hold her bladder as she arrives to the Dr's office to give the first urine sample of the day. But the Dr won't be in for another 10 minutes so she's doing her best to keep her cotton panties dry. She's double crossing her legs but that's not helping. She sneaks at peek at her panties to make sure they're dry but NOPE, she did leak a little. She's gotta run to the toilets and she whips down her panties and HISSES loudly... her pent up pee jetting out into the toilet bowl as she sighs in relief.... cute Behind the Scenes with new girl Luci as she talks about desperation stories in her past. right afterwards she has to pee again!!!! that's how much water she drank earlier.

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Pinup girl Whitney tries riding your small cock

Whitney found you sexy enough to come home with you tonight. She's eager to seduce you but once she unzips you she sees you've got a small wee wee... she tries to hide her dissapointment... maybe if she gives you a sexy tease and boobie bouncing, you'll get harder and that small pathetic nubbin will grow... ummm not really. well she's here so she might as well try her best to get into it and try riding you! Ooops, she can't bounce too hard or else it'll fall out!! Let's put it back in and try again... whoops, it's so small it keeps falling out... AND Whitney can't really feel it either.... Ok, one more time.... let's start riding this wittle thing... FUCK it fell out AND you came all over your stomach. NOW she's frustrated and annoyed... she was trying to be "nice" beforehand but NOW she makes fun of your pathetic little penis and cumming fast. You better start licking because she needs to get off!

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Sister trains your faggot holes POV strapon

Your sister wakes you up and confronts you about #1. finding gay porn on her laptop (yours of course) and #2. finding her panties stashed in your room! If you're going to go and steal her panties, you're going to wear them! That's right... she's got some pretty pink lace panties and matching pink stockings for you to put on. You wouldn't want your little secret getting out would you? no way... She's even got another surprise for you as she lifts up her dress to reveal her stiff pink cock, the one that she'll be using to train both your holes. Suck it faggot... get it wet before she shoves it in your mangina

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SPH Sinn Sage tries riding your small penis

This is a sexy subtle small penis humiliation where you promise Sinn a promotion if she can just... y'know... fuck you. Well you don't say it, you imply it and she says it. She's all game for it but when she unzips you.... she thinks you're not ready. maybe when she takes off her top... nope, not getting any bigger. Maybe she can use her mouth & get you hard. She realizes that you just have a really small penis & is going to try and ride you anyways.... is it in yet? can you feel her? cuz she can't feel you. Nice and well paced realistic. crap, it fell out. maybe she won't bounce much... dang it it fell out again! ok, let's try grinding. OMFG did you just CUM!?! ughhhh... oh well... you better lick it all off and lick her pussy good to make her cum now. OMG that was so lame.

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Young Wife Needs BBC Cuckolds You

Your sexy wife Jade is primping in front of the mirror, wearing a sexy lingirie set and telling you how this night is gonna go. She tells you straight out that you can't satisfy her with your cock and she's craving thick black cocks for so long. She's seen them in the porn videos and is going to the new hip hop club to finally taste her first BBC. She's going to be such a black cock slut... letting them grab her booty, fingering her, and she's going to take them in the bathroom... she's even going to let them CUM inside her little pussy and you're going to have a big wet surprise when she comes home tonight and straddles you.... so be a good cucky hubby and be waiting in bed for her

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Sis Jade Janzten Sees Your Small Penis SPH

The main bathroom is always occupied so you decide to sneak into your sisters shower to have a quick wank. Except that you forgot to lock the door & she comes right in & totally busts you jerking it. But that's not the worst part... no, she sees your tiny little penis. OMFG and she calls you out on it right away after she bursts out laughing! She quickly snaps a pic on her call phone & teases you mercilessly while you keep jerking it with your thumb & forefinger. She's perfect as the mean college sister. SPH small penis humiliation femdom POV mean girls humiliation humiliatrix

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Sis Jade Janzten Foot Worship Slave Training

After that time she busted you jacking off in her shower, your sis Jade Janzten has made you her BITCH. Doing her chores, driving her around, etc but today she makes you kneel down in front of her & tells you to lick her perfect size 7 feet. PU, they're really sweaty and smelly from cheerleading practice. She spreads her toes wide & makes you lick between every one, after you lick up and down her soles. Then you have to scrape her heels with your teeth. What a fucking loser foot bitch she's created. POV femdom and mean girls, humiliatrix Jade Janzten

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Janira rides small penis POV ruined orgasm

Your student Janira can't fail her class at school so you invite her over for a private tutor lesson. She's begging you & telling you she'll do ANYTHING to not fail and starts hitting on you right away. She gets on top & unzips you but she's found your embaressing secret... your TINY PENIS!! OMG, it's too late now... she's confused... is it going to get bigger? aren't you turned on by your sexy student? well.... it's ok.... she's going to try fucking it anyways... She puts a condom one but she only has Magnums & the condom is loose... oh... but it keeps falling out... dammit, it fell out again when she tries going up & down. maybe she can just kinda grind on it and not go up & down. ughhh... she "tries" to be nice about it but ummm.. is it in? she takes your word for it. She tries riding you reverse but it's only a few pumps and you can't stop yourself from CUMMING but it falls out while you're cumming. Oops, LOL. This is going to gaurentee you A's all year

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Jassie wants to peg your sweet ass

Your asian boss Miss Jassie finds your secret stash of gay porn on the company computer so she's going to train your mouth and ass with her thick strap on, which she reveals to you under her dress! It's thick and clear. You're going to have to kneel down & wrap your mouth around it, get it wet before you sit on it for your boss as she encourages you. Tomorrow, she's going to come back with an even bigger strap and we're going to train your ass & stretch it out even more.

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Girlfriend wants to peg you while you suck

Your sexy GF Nikki has a secret for you. She's found your secret gay porn stash so shes got a surprise for you tonight... she pulls out a cute pink strap on dildo which she's going to strap later, bend you over and slide that into your manhole. She knows how good it feels to get filled up inside and it's about time you get to feel that for yourself too when she fucks your hole with it!! BUT, that's not all... she knows you've been checking out her yoga instructor and looking at his thick bulge in his yoga pants and she knows hes bi... it would be extremely hot if she invited him over so he could watch her peg you in the ass but he'd enjoy it so much that he'd want to join in.... he'd walk over to you & stand in front of you while you're bent over getting pegged by the pink dildo and you'd start rubbing his bulge, making it even harder. Then you'd take it out and Nikki would encourage you to suck it good.... Nikki is great at telling a sexy sweet pegging & dick sucking story and it would turn her on so much. Should she give him a call & set it up for tonight?

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Sexy strap on pegging with GFE Jay

Your GF Jay has a surprise before bed today... she's being coy and secretive before she flips up her dress to reveal she's wearing a small pink strap on! You've talked about strap on play before but now she's going to make it your reality! She's super sweet and sexy about it, coaxing you onto your back and spreading your legs.... she sticks her finger into your hole and makes sure you're good and ready before she's going to fuck you! Sexy sensual domination

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Hot busty wife Agatha cuckolds you

Your hot sexy blond wife is all dressed up when you come home this evening. She's wearing a ridiculously blingy dress and high heels and she's got a confession for you. She's been fantasizing so long about getting big black cock that today... she's decided to do it and finally put you in your rightful place as a good, cucky hubby! She can't wait and paints a nice sexy picture of how she's going to strut in there with her short blingy dress and start flirting and grinding on thuggish black men in the club. They're gonna love this tall busty white girl! She's going to pick SEVERAL of them and take them into the bathroom where she's gonna take out their big black dicks and get them so hard so they can stick it in every single hole she has... airtight!! She's gonna pump them with her tight white pussy and ass and milk all their dirty black cum out of them.... then she's gonna keep her legs tight and drive home... get into bed with you and straddle your face so you can slurp all that BBC cum out of her!! She is GREAT at verbalizing all the yummy details of cucking you

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SPH encouragement MILF tries riding your small penis

You're the nerdy kid in class & you're getting extra help from your hot busty MILF teacher Agatha. She's always dressed inappropriately for the classroom but you think it's because she's going through a midlife crisis and really pushing her assets out to play out that desirable MILF look. She knows that all the boys secretly check her out & talk about how low cut her dresses are. She catches you checking out her assets and decides you deserve a little treat.... she guesses you're a virgin....right? LOL she can tell. Well she's about to devirginize you now! But you're so scared she's going to make fun of your small weenie... LOL. Well, being the "nice" sweet teacher she is, her face shows how dissapointed she is at your tiny cock but she's going to try riding it anyways.... it barely reaches her.... is it in yet? Can you feel it? she can't really feel much inside her so it's up to you to let her know that you're all the way in... she starts riding but it keeps falling out!! It's ok, let's just try again but this time with less bouncing! It's not long before you can't hold it and premaurely cum! LOL

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