Bitchy Girls Humiliate You

Bitchy Girls Humiliate You

POV humiliation & ladies making fun of your pathetic teeny weeny plus foot domination & worship & degradation mainly because you're just a pathetic loser.

Asian foot worship control and domination

You're being smothered by my feet until I decide to take my tiny little size 6 asian soles off to let you breathe. I need you alive because you need to get more addicted to my feet & keep paying them. I'm going to turn you into a mindless stupid foot slave with my lovely asian feet until you can't not be around them because you'll be too weak. My wrinkled soles will keep you weak for them & buying my foot worship clips you stupid foot bitch. My feet cover your breathing holes & then wrinkle & spread for you, mezmerizing you. MissyX asian dominant

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Cuckolded by wife Cheyenne Jewel

Your wife Cheyenne Jewel is about to take on a much more dominant position in your marriage from now on! She's getting ready in the bathroom, wearing a tight black dress, bootie heels and brushing her hair as she tells you of this hot new hip hop clue she's going to check out... and she's dressed sexy so she can finally live out one of her fantasies... being with a thick black guy who can actually FILL HER UP because your pathetic little cock can't!! She's finally going to let loose and be such a slut for black cock, letting them kiss her and grabbing their bulges at first to fucking a random black dude in the bathroom. She's going to let him cum deep inside her little white pussy and them put her panties back on and hold in that BBC cum so she can give you a nice creamy treat when she finally gets home!!

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Daughter tries riding your small penis SPH Alessandra Noir

Daddy are you awake?? Your girl wanted to remind you that she just got her drivers licence and you had offered to buy her a car. YOu had MEANT a used Corolla or something like that but she has her eyes on a bigger prize... a Mercedes!! So she's going to do what it takes to get daddy dearest on her side.... she mounts you and starts rubbing your cock over your PJ's.... but why aren't you hard? You should be hard, looking at your pretty girl, who looks just like mommy did when she was younger... and slimmer... She pulls down your pants and she finally sees your shameful secret!! You have a SMALL PENIS! What!?! is that it daddy? Wow, this is going to be the smallest cock she's ever fucked... OOOPS!!! THe secret is out, your girl isn't a virgin anymore.... don't get mad daddy. well you can't because before you know it, she's mounted you and is riding you. Is it in yet? It's hard for her to feel if you're inside her... and she's only 105lbs.... she's pretty small.... oops! It fell out. Let's try again.... is it in this time?? Can you feel her? she can barely feel you... oops... dang it it fell out again!! OMG did you just cum inside her!?! are you done!?! Well you better get what she wants because she can tell mom at any time. with pornstar Alessandra Noir

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Terra Mizu cuckolds you POV needs BBC

Terra's a sexy busty wife & she's done with your small dick! It's just not enough to please her... i mean she likes the security, the big house, the money and the rest of your marriage but... you know that your little cock can't really please her and it's about time she lets you know too!! Sexy wives like her need to get their pussy stretched out... and you can't do that... but big BLACK cocks can!! And she's gonna go out tonight and look for some nice thick black cocks to stretch out her mouth & pussy while she gives you specific instructions to put on your handcuffs behind your back & sit in the corner to wait for her to get back with a nice strapping black man in tow so she can fuck him right in front of you, so you can watch your pretty busty wife get manhandled and filled up like she deserves to be & you can't do it!!! Love you & kisses!!
Hot wife, cuckold, cucked, cuckolded, Terra Mizu

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SPH Cheerleader Terra tries riding your small penis

cute cheerleader Terra had a great date with you & loves your big beautiful house, so she knows you can "afford" her... she reaches down with anticipation to unzip you but the look of dissapointment in her face is hard to conceal when she sees your tiny nubbin of an excuse of a "penis." Maybe it's just not fully hard... maybe you're a grower not a shower...? But it's not getting any bigger... is that it? Well, she's going to try riding it anyways... she gets on it... ummm, is it in yet?? she can't really feel it/ Being the "nice" girl she is she keeps trying to ride it but oops... dammit, it fell out again *giggle* are you a virgin? ROFL. Ok, she'll try again.... oops, it fell out when she tried going up & down... it's just too small... maybe she'll just use her hands to rub that little thing. Oops... did you just cum!? already!? LOL. um... well it's nice that you have money & all but she's not going to be satisfied with that tiny little thing so if this is going to work... she needs to go out once in awhile & get ploughed by thick dicks that'll stretch her out... *giggle*

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Mom makes sis attempt ride your small penis humiliation SPH

Your (step)mom Jessica walks into your sisters room while you're trying to jack your tiny weiner to her panties! mom is horrified, not so much at busting you jacking off but at how small your penis is... I mean... it's like it literally stopped growing when you were a toddler or something! Does that teeny thing even function?? Mom is very concerned, especially that you're still a virgin so she calls in your (step)sister to come in & explain the situation to her. Your sis is SO grossed out at your small dick. Mom wants her to try and ride you to take your virginity and Olivia is protesting and complaining but she quickly gets naked and tries mounting you. Are you in yet?? She can't really feel it... wait... it just fell out. She'll try again... is it in this time?? She tries bouncing up & down but fuck, it keeps falling out cuz it's so small!! Mom.... it's not working!!! She tries a few more times but then it's not staying in because it's too small and she can't feel it so she gets off & they encourage you to stroke it with your thumb & forefinger til you cum. Jessica needs to see that it works OK and that one day there's a slim chance you'll give her grandkids. It's a tiny piddly amount & Olivia is even more grossed out!! Now get out of her room! Great natural paced SPH small penis humiliation where sis tries to ride it but keeps falling out while (step)mom watches with instructions and guidance.

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SPH it keeps falling out when she rides you!

You went on a date with a babygirl that you met on a sugardaddie online dating site. She's 19yo, skinny with huge natural boobs & she's wearing the silky lingirie that you bought her earlier. You're about to make out and she's straddling you and unzips your jeans to unveil your cock but the first look on confusion and dissappointment is priceless.... "is that it!?" She's too "nice" to be rude and say anything super mean so she tries to "work with it" and make it harder but it's not getting much bigger or longer since, embaressingly enough... you're already aroused. She takes off her panties and prepares to ride your tiny little penis & she cannot stop GIGGLING! She asks if you're inside because she's not sure... can you feel her? because she can't feel your miniscule pathetic little weiner... but she still tries to be "nice" because you have money! She starts riding once she thinks it's in but every time she bounces, it falls out!! It keeps falling out & she giggles, points it out loudly and then tries to put it back in only to start bouncing and it falls out again. She tries a new thing where she grinds on your cock on her clit instead and that feels better. LOL. at least it's useful for something!!! She tries to ride your little cock once again but after all that laughing, giggling and embaressment, you can't hold it and cum instantly!! She laughs at that and finally points out what a small cock you have but says she likes your money! This is a soft sensual female domination and SPH, not mean & harsh

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Teacher Caroline Pierce small penis school

Teacher Caroline Pierce totally busts you rubbing your crotch under your desk. She brings it to everyones attention about what you're doing & is very condecending yet still being teacher. She wants you to come up to the class to show everyone what exactly you're trying to do, jack off!! But when you take it out, it's just a small nub!! caroline thinks it's the tiniest penis she has ever seen ever!! She humiliates and embaresses you in front of the entire class. She talks around the average sized penis & draws it on the whiteboard. then she draws the size of YOUR teeny weeny to compare it. It's too funny, she reminds you that you need to pay attention in class so you can go to college, get a degree & make a HECK of a lot of money because that's the only way you're going to get laid & not be a virgin. She doesn't allow you to cum, instead admonishes you and a dirty little penis toucher

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Sisters sissify you into 3rd sister cum in panties

real sisters Janira Wolfe & her younger sister Izzy bust you snooping in their room except that you're caught wearing a pair of their lacy panties!!! They start laughing at you and decide that since you love wearing lacy girly things they're going to make you into their 3rd sister!!! They make you wear a pair of the pinkest girly lace panties and sheer pantyhose as well as a blue tutu & make you prance around while they giggle. Then Izzy puts on makeup on you & laugh at your tiny little weeny.... it's so small that it looks like a big clit!! They totally emasculate & sissify you and make you rub your big clit like a real girl does, through your lacey pink panties while they giggle, laugh and encourage you til you cum in your pink panties

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Sister Honey small penis humiliation JOI

Your cute 19YO sister Honey is walking by the living room & sees that you're jerking off on the couch. she is totally horrified that you're just blatently jerking it where she sits to watch TV. But upon a closer look.... your penis is so tiny she thought you were flaccid! Wait... is that how big your dick can go? She mocks your attempts are getting it bigger because it ain't happening!! She laughs as she uses her thumb & forefinger on her pinky finger, going up and down while saying all sorts of mean things. She took a pic with her phone so she's always going to have that against you. She wants to see you cum but it's such a small piddly pathetic amount that she's grossed out

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Nyxon finds a tiny man giantess

Nyxon is sitting on the couch tapping her bare feet when she looks down & sees a movement... it's a tiny shrunken man & she almost stepped on you! How did you even get there & how did you get so small? She doesn't really care... she's amused by how small & helpless you are! She terrifies you with trying to step on you with her HUGE gigantic bare feet, lifting them up & letting them almost trample you but you're running fast for your life! She thinks this is hilarious & picks you up with her hands... holding you up to her face so she can study you.... hmmmm what should she do with you?? Well she weighs out the options... she can squish you.. but then there's a mess in her fingers, yuck! She can step on you... but there'll be a messy stain on her carpet... no no.... but you're the perfect size for a little munchy snack!!! a giant girl like her needs lots of protein... and a little man like you has to have several grams of protein! down the hatch you go! Some nice mouth closeups

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Mother son SPH jerk off instruction Nyxon

You thought your mom was out but she came home early today & totally busts you jacking off in HER bed!! SHe rushes over to give you shit but sees that, even though you've developed everywhere else... your penis somehow is stunted in growth & is TINY! What the fuck!? She's horrified, concerned but it's hard to stop laughing because it's so small. I know, it's rude of mom to laugh at your shortcummings.... but she's also concerned... does it even work??? You're gonna have to follow her instructions & jerk it with your thumb & forefinger. Just watch & listen to mom as she guides you through how to jerk your tiny little weiner! SPH small penis humiliation jerk off encouragement with taboo mother son

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Sugar baby Miss Brittany blackmails you

You never thought your secret mistress Miss Brittany would ever show up to your house, the house that you & your wife share... but today, when you open the door, you see HER... your secret mistress standing there & wondering why you haven't been answering her calls!!?? SHe's NOT happy at all & bursts right into your home, sitting on your leather couch... you hope your wife doesn't come home right now because that would be a disaster. Miss Brittany is REALLY mad because your check to her bounced today & she was humiliated at the bank! What kind of horrible sugar daddy are you to dissapoint your sugar baby? Miss Brittany starts threatening to tell your wife unless you quickly deposit cash straight into her bank account now! blackmail fun with Miss Brittany

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Sister strap on faggot training

You wake up & it's your sister Nyxon kneeling over you in bed slapping you in the face with a hot pink strapon dildo! She's tells you she's found your gay porn on her laptop & she's going to prep your mouth & asshole for taking cock. Not only were you looking at gay porn but you were looking at huge black thick cocks.... she first you need to suck the pink dildo & she pushes it down your throat. She needs to teach you deepthroating skillz. Then she's going to put that pink dildo in your ass & fuck you while calling you a faggot... this is just the start to your faggotry training because she's going to get you to eventually take BBC

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Cuckolded by wife Miss Brittany POV

Sexy Miss Brittany is all ready to go out tonight, dressed in her tight lil black dress & ready to take on some big BLACK COCKS! Your tiny little weiner can't satisfy her... she's going to go out & bring home the biggest thickest black cock home & fuck him in front of you. Because your tiny cock isn't good for pleasing women in any way... she needs real men with big cocks & let's you know all the things they're going to do to her. That's right... she's gonna find more than 1 now... maybe a few black men, bring them home & make you blow them all. They're all going to use your little mouth & stretch it out! Brittany is good at being descriptive & let's you know this is now your new life & role. Keywords: femdom POV, humiliatrix, cuckold, cuckolding, cuck, small penis humiliation, SPH

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Cuckolded and chastity with brat wife Raquel

Yes, we all know it's hard to hold it when you're already super desperate to pee but they have to take turns to pull out random challenges & then complete them!
Constance is in super skintight orange jegging jeans that make her bulging bladder look so full & bulgy. Then Tara is in tan overalls which also pull up into her crotch,
giving them both tight cameltoes. Constance is more desperate than Tara when you see how quickly & how much she pees! You can tell it's very yellow even when it's
on the tile floors.... a lot of it got onto her fabric shoes too! This scene is extra fun since they are real friends & were road tripping together as they rolled through Vegas.
They're both wearing matching high rise satin panties that are very tight and shiny, showing off their pissy wet crotches & having a ton of fun as we filmed this!

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