Bianca The Spoiled Bitch

My Name is Mistress Bianca Lux, I specialize in Sensual Domination. I use my intelligence, wit, charm, and beauty to control you like the weak puppet you are! Once you are under my control there is no turning back, you wont be able to give enough or get enough!


Perfect Legs and Feet

My legs and feet are amazing, exquisite, ....perfection! I know you won't be able to resist stroking your cock while I lotion my long legs and gorgeous feet!

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Denied Pleasure

One of my loyal slaves decided to order a custom clip and then not pay for it for half a month! Since he decided to be a fool I made him this lovely clip instead, now he doesn't get to cum at all! Sit back with your hands behind you while I tease you like you've never been teased before and don't even think about touching your cock!

Category: Tease and Denial    Duration: 10:01    Format: WMV    File Size: 212 MB    Clip ID: 12123

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Blowjobs For Bianca

You'd do anything for me now that I've made you so weak so I've got a new task for you. I know you secretly have been wanting to know what it's like to suck another mans cock, so now is your lucky chance

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Financially Fucked Over - Part 1

I'm going to ease you into being fucked over so we'll start off with a nice easy ignore clip. You can't resist buying it just like you wont be able to resist buying the rest in this series

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Stinky Pantyhose Feet

I've been walking around all day in my gorgeous black pumps and my feet sure are stinky and achy. You're going to make my feet feel better by inhaling my sweaty stench!

Category: Pantyhose    Duration: 06:01    Format: WMV    File Size: 124 MB    Clip ID: 12111

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Under My Control

Sit back, relax and prepared to get put under my hypn0-tic spell. I'm going to brainwash you and make you completely surrender to me. You're going to give up all control and give me everything!!!

Category: Financial Domination    Duration: 07:53    Format: WMV    File Size: 29 MB    Clip ID: 12106

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Painfully Delicious

Custom Clip - Can you please instruct me to masturbate with a foot scrub, then use a blow dryer to increase the pain before I can cum? Then instruct me to cum into a frying pan and cook a cum omelette for me to consume. *Clip Includes - JOI, CBT, Cum Eating Instruction, Humiliation, Ass Worship, Leg Worship, Tit Worship, FemDom POV

Category: Cum Eating Instruction    Duration: 16:02    Format: WMV    File Size: 342 MB    Clip ID: 12076

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Lick Them Clean!

I've been out shopping with my gorgeous girlfriends all day and my sandals have gotten very sweaty and dirty. I refuse to clean my sandals myself so you're going to clean every crack and crevice with the tip of your tongue! Get on your knees like a good loser and listen to me instruct you!

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 07:01    Format: WMV    File Size: 149 MB    Clip ID: 12075

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Sweat Lover!

I just came back from a nice sweaty 2 1/2 hour gym session. My shoes and socks are soaked with my sweet scent and I know you can't wait to smell them! You're also going to get a special treat of being smothered with my stinky armpits!

Category: Armpits    Duration: 08:01    Format: WMV    File Size: 165 MB    Clip ID: 12074

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Big Black Cock

You made a big mistake not clearing out your browser history, and now I know your dirty little secret. I know you've been looking at gay sex ads on Craigslist so now we're going to turn your fantasy into a reality. I'm going to make you suck and fuck the biggest black cock you've ever seen and if you don't then I'm going to tell wifey... and I know you wouldn't want me to do that!

Category: Forced Bi    Duration: 08:00    Format: WMV    File Size: 160 MB    Clip ID: 12069

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Red Lips Make You Submit

Listen to my hypn0tizing voice as I weaken you with my perfect red pout, and sexy kisses. You're going to be putty in the palm of my hands giving me everything I desire!

Category: Financial Domination    Duration: 03:23    Format: WMV    File Size: 72 MB    Clip ID: 12068

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