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Join me for sexy femdoms playing with bondage crossdressers, transvestites and sissies!

Petticoat Prancing Pt 4 Ruffles Forced Crossdressing Sissy Maid Punishment FemDom Mistress

Forced Crossdressing Maid Punishment - Part 4
Ruffle Worship Petticoats

I will completely reprogram this straight boy into my perfect prissy sissy princess!

This first-time cross dresser disobeyed my orders and has earned a crash course in forced feminization!

I know that the soft, sensuous clouds of petticoats are irresistible to this self-described “texture fetishist.” It feels like sexy cotton candy and his cock bulges through the sheer layers. I am compelled to add layer after layer of petticoats until his hardening cock is lost in the fluffy, feminine, lace swirls.

The lessons continue with twirling, posing and prancing, but the tiny slutty panties my sub is wearing do nothing to conceal his embarrassing erection.

I have to DOUBLE PANTY my slut to keep his cock constrained and under complete control.

These white ruffled rumba panties add another layer of humiliation and arousal, especially while I force him to count, one after another, all of the pieces of women’s clothing that he is wearing.

I am transforming this newbie sub to serve my twisted crossdressing fantasies. Step by step I am stripping away his masculinity and training him to be my perfect sissy maid!

For more of my bondage adventures, visit for weekly video updates, stories, photos and the chronicles of my kinky life!

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Canes Paddles Corporal Punishment Pt 5 Double Chastity Sissy Crossdressers In Bondage

Double Chastity Boys Part 5 Canes Paddling Spanking Corporal Punishment

After properly reddening their asses with a spanking on the couch, Maitresse sends the two chastity boys to go "pick their poison" - to choose their own implement of punishment out of her toy bag.

One of them attempts to flatter her by choosing her favorite paddle, embelished with her name and title, the other chooses a very vicious ratan cane. By the time we are through with their punishment, we'll have investigated much of the rest of the toy bag's content as well...

Maitresse Renee is an incredible woman with a charming combination of sadism and smiles!

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CBT Sissy Spanking Pt 4 Rubber Latex Chastity Twins FemDom Mistress

Double Chastity Boys Part 4 CBT Spanking

Maitresse Renee lines up her two chastity slaves on the couch so that we can admire their chastity devices and punish their tender asses with a warm up spanking!

I love spankings but it is going to take more painful treatment to get through to these masochistic submissives. Fortunately Maitresse Renee brough a wonderful selection of toys with her from Dallas on this trip, including a massive single-tail whip!

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Humiliation Double Sissy Punishment Pt 3 FemDom Mistress BDSM Bondage

Double Chastity Boys Part 3 Humiliating Punishment

Once Maitresse Renee removes her alpha sub's sissy maid hood and replaces it with a leather mask with a blindfold, things become a lot more difficult for him. After he makes several mistakes in a row, she punishes him with a humiliating dressing down and then applies ample voltage to his cock and balls. After that, it is corner time to reflect on his mistakes!

It is always best to stay on the GOOD side of this femdom!

After a little while, he is allowed to apologize by kissing our boots and showing us honor.

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Ball Gagged Together Pt 2 Double Chastity Sissies FemDom Mistress Foursome

Double Chastity Boys Part 2 Ball Gagged Together

These sissy twins in chastity need to get a little more "intimate" and comfortable with each other... so Maitress Renee brings a double ball gag with her!

What an intense way to get to know someone - Locked into eye-contact gagged bondage!

They are practically kissing each other, locked into heavy bondage and latex, escape is impossible and the constant threat of electric shocks to their genitals keeps them straining for proper position. What a humiliating predicament!

They see the helplessness in one another's eyes while they drool all over their latex fetish wear. They must both submit to our whims and cannot complain, object or negotiate around the massive double purple ball gag.

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Introducing Maitresse Renee Pt 1 Double Chastity Sissy Crossdressers CBT BDSM

Double Chastity Boys Part 1 Introducing Maitresse Renee

What happens when a Texas beauty queen becomes a dominatrix? You get someone with grace, class AND lasso skills!

Maitresse Renee is visiting from Dallas this weekend and she brought TWO intense submissives with her, both locked into chastity. They also have the same estim on beneath their devices, so that we can instantly correct them both at the same time with electric cbt shocks for any indiscretion or mistake.

We explore some slave positions and allow them to show us honor by kissing our boots before locking them into further bondage.

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Double Chastity Sissies FULL MOVIE Maitresse Renee Threesome Humiliation BDSM

Maitresse Renee's Double Chastity Boys

Maitresse Renee is a true Dallas, Texas beauty queen, but she is visiting me here in California to show off her two chastity sissies and perform some advanced training.

By linking the two boys together via electrodes on thier cock and balls, she is showing them that teamwork is of utmost importance. Also, if she punishes BOTH of them with cbt for every indiscretion, soon they will start looking after each other to avoid pain!

She puts them through their paces in full rubber, chastity, caning and electrical cbt via remote control.

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Panty Drawer Sissy Punishment FULL MOVIE CD TV FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Panty Drawer Pt 9
Happy Endings

I've been teasing and tormenting my sissy boyfriend ever since I came home early and caught him in the act of going through my panty drawer. He was even dressed up in my lingerie with a pretty little sundress on!

After an hour of talking dirty and planning his permanently pantied future, we are both incredibly worked up...

However, if my sissy is to truly be my GIRLfriend from now on, we can't have sex the way that we used to. My sissy will have to learn how to give up control of her cock and sexuality to a stronger, more powerful, superior woman. From now on, I decide when, and if, she will have an orgasm.

Fortunately, I am feeling merciful after terrorizing and teasing my poor sissy for hours. Maybe she has earned a reward?

The way to a sissy's heart is through her panties, after all... especially when those panties are creamy!

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Foot Fetish Nylons Pt 8 FemDom Mistress BDSM Tease Sissy Crossdresser Footjob Stockings Garters

Panty Drawer Pt 8
Nylon Foot Fetish

I can't resist my sissy boyfriend's legs and feet while they are encased in sexy thigh-high nylon stockings.

I set out to punish my sissy for poking around in my panties but all of the talking dirty about lingerie, panties and strap-on sex has me VERY worked up. I can't resist nibbling on "her" sexy toes and showing her just how to please my breasts with her stocking-clad feet. No scripts in this video, this is how my sissy and I talk dirty to each other privately, between kisses and grinding panties against each other.

There is more to crossdressing then just a "panty fetish." That is only the beginning of a lifetime of frilly lace, bright colors and sexy textures for my sissy sweetheart.

Someday we will look back on this day as the beginning of blossoming womanhood... or we will if I have anything to say about it. I like my boyfriend much better as a GIRL!

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Spanking Punishment Pt 7 Humiliation Sissy Crossdresser FemDom Mistress

Panty Drawer Pt 7
Spanking Punishment

I am seducing my sissy boyfriend into wearing panties FULL TIME!

While I describe the various kinds of sexy little girl dress up clothes I expect from now on, she gets so distracted and turned on that she starts humping my leg like a naughty little puppy!

This kind of behavior is inexcusable and must be punished with a swift spanking!

I won't stop until my sissy's ass cheeks are as pink as her stolen panties!

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Panty Gagged Breast Worship Pt 6 FemDom Mistress Sissy Punishment

Panty Drawer Pt 6
Panty Gagged Breast Worship

My breasts feel wonderful rubbing against the silky nylon panties, I can't resist taking my top off so we can play with my breasts together.

My nipples get so sensitive when I get turned on!

My sissy boyfriend nuzzles and suckles them through my dirty panties for a double treat for us both!

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Hypno Feminization Pt 5 Panty Hypnosis FemDom Mistress Sissy Panties

Panty Drawer Pt 5
Hypnotic Feminized Fate

This is a different kind of "bedtime story."

As my sissy boyfriend cuddles in bed with me, I describe the sexy fate that awaits him in the world of femininity.

I lull this slut-to-be into an aroused state describing all of the clothing I expect her to wear in order to be a good and proper GIRL for me.

It isn't just panties... now I expect my slave to be dressed as a young girl for me 24/7. In time, with good behavior, I will allow her the thrill of sexy and grown up clothes, like a prom dress, corsets and garters.

For now, I expect my new "girl" friend to enjoy the process of "blossoming" into a young woman under my training.

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Your Own Panties Pt 4 Panty Drawer Punishment Sissy CD TV FemDom Mistress

Panty Drawer Pt 4
Your Own Special Panties

If I would have known it was YOU going through my panty drawer, you would get something VERY different for Christmas this year, sweetheart.

In fact, there is this delicious pink frilly pair of panties down at the lingerie store, you know that trashy stripper place downtown... I think you would look great in the pink fishnets too. Why not get a frilly pink babydoll dress while we're at it?

Oh honey, let's go shopping for matching panties!

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Satin Gloves Handjob Tease Pt 3 Sissy Panty Drawer Punishment FemDom Mistress

Panty Drawer Pt 3
Satin Gloves Handjob Tease

Nothing feels better then satin gliding against smooth, sensuous satin... and what better place to enjoy that sexy feeling then against your helplessly hard cock?

Now that I have caught my sissy boyfriend going through my panty drawer, I know that I am going to have to start forcing him to wear panties EVERY DAY.

I use my deep green satin gloves as tools of torment and delight in this teasing handjob.
I enjoy reprogramming him with pleasure. Now my sissy is helpless to resist the siren call of my panty drawer...

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Sissy Spanking Pt 2 Panty Drawer Punishment FemDom Mistress BDSM Humiliation

Panty Drawer Punishment Pt 2
Sissy Spanking

I can see that my dirty gym panties are not punishment enough. Time for a spanking!

My green satin gloves are a silky torment to sensitize my sissy's skin before delivering swift femdom justice in a bare-handed spanking... until my sissy boyfriend's pretty pink ass matches the STOLEN pretty pink panties!

I also notice that "she" is wearing my frilliest floral lace garter belt and sexy stockings...

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Stinky Panty Punishment Pt 1 CAUGHT Going Through Drawers Mistress FemDom

Panty Drawer Punishment Pt 1
Stinky Panties Punishment

I know my boyfriend has been secretly wearing my clothing while I am out of the house, the furtive glances and tell-tale stretching of my favorite panties hinted at his naughty behavior... but until now I was missing the PROOF.

I bought a gadget on the internet that would set off a silent alarm when my panty drawer was opened.

I told my slave that I was going to a tea party, but instead secretly waited downstairs. I knew my slut would give in to dark, secret desire, it was only a matter of time. He simply can not resist the siren call of my panty drawer...

Watch me spring this trap and catch my sissy boyfriend rifling through MY panty drawer! How should I punish this transgression? Definetely STINKY panties?

This is the culmination of your biggest fantasy... and your worst nightmare, to be CAUGHT RED HANDED???

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