Alice in SissyLand - FemDom Mistress BDSM Fetish

Alice in SissyLand - FemDom Mistress BDSM Fetish

My favorite men are the ones in panties!

Join me for a sexy romp in the world of gender play, transformation, femdom, sissy maids, crossdressers, transvestites and gender bending!

I host a REAL LIFE meetup group for crossdressers and those who love them once a month in San Francisco.

Email me or visit for more details.

Petticoat Prancing Pt 4 Ruffles Forced Crossdressing Sissy Maid Punishment FemDom Mistress

Forced Crossdressing Maid Punishment - Part 4
Ruffle Worship Petticoats

I will completely reprogram this straight boy into my perfect prissy sissy princess!

This first-time cross dresser disobeyed my orders and has earned a crash course in forced feminization!

I know that the soft, sensuous clouds of petticoats are irresistible to this self-described “texture fetishist.” It feels like sexy cotton candy and his cock bulges through the sheer layers. I am compelled to add layer after layer of petticoats until his hardening cock is lost in the fluffy, feminine, lace swirls.

The lessons continue with twirling, posing and prancing, but the tiny slutty panties my sub is wearing do nothing to conceal his embarrassing erection.

I have to DOUBLE PANTY my slut to keep his cock constrained and under complete control.

These white ruffled rumba panties add another layer of humiliation and arousal, especially while I force him to count, one after another, all of the pieces of women’s clothing that he is wearing.

I am transforming this newbie sub to serve my twisted crossdressing fantasies. Step by step I am stripping away his masculinity and training him to be my perfect sissy maid!

For more of my bondage adventures, visit for weekly video updates, stories, photos and the chronicles of my kinky life!

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Public Sissy Humiliation Handjob Chastity Punishment FULL MOVIE Alice FemDom Mistress

Our scene unfolds in Golden Gate Park, the birds are tweeting as we open on a helpless sissy trapped in the clutches of a wicked schoolyard bully!

Behold! Our most daring public outdoor shoot yet!

Monika is a naughty schoolgirl but I am even naughtier in my authentic Japanese sailor suit school uniform.

I tie her down on a park bench at the overlook with two look-outs to make sure no one stumbles upon our scene in progress. When she is secure, I relish in humiliating her, taunting, teasing and tickling until I discover her hard cock beneath the many layers of petticoats and panties.

She has a surprisingly big dick for a sissy so there is NO way it will fit into a chastity device while still engorged. I know a "cure" for erections so I make her cum for me and then STUFF her softening cock into the CB6000 before she can change her mind!

This is your last orgasm, from now on you have to cum like a girl!!!

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Extreme Bondage Leather Sleepsack Sissy Part 2 Nap Time Mistress Alice FemDom

SissyAmy Sleepsack Part 2 Extreme Immobilization

The leather sleepsack and sensory deprivation hood leave poor SissyAmy completely helpless. Since San Francisco is prone to earthquakes, we strap her down on top of my bondage bed!

It is all for her own good, after all. My sissy has had a hard day of public humiliation and exposure and she needs her beauty sleep before Madame Suzanne comes over to pound her ass with the biggest dildo poor Amy has ever experienced!

I use all of the straps and then all of my rope to secure SissyAmy.

She cannot see.

She cannot hear.

She cannot move.

She cannot speak.


Now all of my friends can come over and plan her fate without interruption!

Join us at for more FUN lifestyle femdom movies.

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Sleepsack Encasement Bondage Part 1 Sissy Nap Time Leather FemDom Mistress

SissyAmy Sleepsack Part 1 Encasement Bondage

Welcome to the world of hardcore, severe bondage... not for sex, but for COMPLETE immobilization.

This sleepsack has plenty of extra zippers to give me access to SissyAmy's tender pink bits, but her sex is locked up securely in an intense chastity belt to prevent any naughty thoughts or wandering hands.

The internal sleeves of this custom leather sleepsack will keep her hands even further out of harm's way and I tighten all of the straps a little EXTRA for her Mistress at home, who I know will be watching this movie.

Mistress Sindee, I hope you enjoy the show as we torment your real life sissy slut! Please send her to San Francisco for more training if she acts up again!

Join us at for more lifestyle femdom movies with a focus on FUN.

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Leather Sleepsack Sissy Nap Time Bondage FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress Chastity

SissyAmy Leather Sleepsack Nap Time


SissyAmy has been sent here by far away Mistress Sindee for further bondage and chastity training, shes so excited!

We have worked her HARD for several days, making sure that she is under lock and key 24/7 with constant femdom supervision. She's taken massive strap-on cocks and been publicly humiliated at Wicked Grounds and on the Golden Gate Bridge, now is her nap time!

What better evening than to put her securely to bed with then this custom leather sleepsack from Mr S. The internal sleeves will make her unable to slip out to play with herself, still I add my whole rope collection for good measure.

Now she can barely struggle. Maybe this will finally help SissyAmy get her beauty rest?

Join us at for more lifestyle femdom movies with an emphasis on FUN.

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Pegging Sissy Brutally Part 3 Ballet Boots Crossdresser FemDom Mistress Strap-On Threesome

Brutalized in Ballet Boots - Part 3 Pegging and Pounding

I forced SissyAmy to wear a butt plug in public all day long, yesterday... but even that and all the anal fingering can't really prepare her for what we have in store for her.

My sissy slave moans in her leather bondage as I slowly impale her on my slim teal dildo. My reasonably-sized cock is just the beginning of her strap-on punishment. Madame Suzanne's massive dick is bigger then anything SissyAmy has ever taken before!

All the stretching and lube in the world might not be enough to get her through what Suzanne has in store. Poor SissyAmy! She grunts, groans and even screams as Madam Suzanne inexorably plunges her giant dick, inch by inch, into her tight little ass.

Enjoy this relentless strap-on fucking session! We make this little sissy squeal like a pig!

For more bondage and femdom adventures, join me at

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Ass Fingering Sissy Bondage Part 2 FemDom Sissy Mistress Strap-On Threesome

Brutalized in Ballet Boots - Part 2 Ass Fingering Bondage

I bind SissyAmy into a tight reverse leather straitjacket to keep her arms out of the way. With her feet in those sky-high ballet boots, I know it is impossible for my sissy captive to escape.

Madam Suzanne is eager to pound our little slut with her huge cock, so I make sure to stretch her sissy pussy out with my fingers. She's about to take the biggest dick of her whole life, and Suzanne doesn't like to be gentle!

we coax, prod and probe our crossdressed prisoner's ass until it opens wide for our strap-on dildos!

For more bondage and femdom adventures, join me at

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2 Cocks 1 Mouth Double Penetration DP Part 1 FemDom Mistress Sissy Strap-On Threesome

Brutalized in Ballet Boots - Part 1 Two Cocks, One Mouth

This cocksucking video is really all Madame Suzanne's fault. I invited her over to test out SissyAmy and she just couldn't keep her dick out of my new slut's mouth.

We had so much fun in that initial scene that now she is back for more. This time, I let Suzanne direct the scene, all around her new favorite fetish - seeing how much hard cock she can stuff into SissyAmy's mouth! You get to see this a lot in straight porn, but there's nothing as hot as making a sissy bitch airtight with femdom double penetration.

SissyAmy is blindfolded and must fumble in the dark using only her mouth to pleasure BOTH of our strap-on dildoes or face whatever punishment we devise. Let's see how long her mouth lasts before we wear it out and bend her over!

For more bondage and femdom adventures, join me at

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Brutalized In Ballet Boots Strap-On Sissy FULL MOVIE Chastity FemDom Mistress Threesome

Brutalized in Ballet Boots FULL MOVIE

Have you ever been loaned out to a stranger before?

That's exactly what Mistress Cindee did - she sent her little crossdressing chastity sissy to kinky San Francisco for 3 days of captivity, humiliation and torture.

This is the culmination of that intense, extended, scene. Madam Suzanne and I want to enjoy a grand finale before shipping our slut home to his Mistress.

We set out to violate all of her holes, forcing her to give us a double dildo blowjob and then stretching her ass out to its maximum. There is no safe word. SissyAmy must rely on our dubious mercy. We impale her ass with our cocks as she struggles and groans.

These are bigger cocks then she has ever taken before!

For more lifestyle femdom movies, join me at my membership site,

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GIANT Strap-On Sissy Bondage Pegging Part 2 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Footsub GIANT StrapOn Part 2 Dino Dick AliceInBondageLand

Sometimes a slave promises a mile but gives an inch...

I am here to settle a bet with Footsub to see if he really can beat my anal stretching champion and become the new reigning Ass King of my website.

So far, I am impressed by the size of his strap-on toys and butt plugs. I also like his stories of anal exploration, but let's see if his ass can deliver what his mouth has been promising!

I task him with taking all of the brand new "Dino Dick" from Mr S, only then he will get to enjoy my feet as a reward!

Category: Sissy    Duration: 18:30    Format: MP4    File Size: 421 MB    Clip ID: 29178

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Chastity Strap-On Bondage In Panties Part 1 Footsub GIANT COCK Fucking FemDom

Footsub GIANT StrapOn Part 1 Bondage Chastity AliceInBondageLand

We have so much in common that it was just a matter of time before I put Footsub on camera for some kinky confessions and movie mischief! Both of us love ass play, and have deep appreciation for sexy feet and boots.

The CB series of plastic chastity devices are famous, but he's one of the rare few who have dared to try the PA5000 device because it requires a Prince Albert genital PIERCING in order to secure your sexuality.

Footsub's series of piercings lets me attach rope bondage to some very "personal" rigging points as I tie him down for some DEEP anal probing using the "Dino Dick."

Category: Sissy    Duration: 15:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 385 MB    Clip ID: 28243

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Puddles Wet Sissy Showers FULL MOVIE FemDom Rubber Latex Crossdressing Maid Threesome

Puddles the Sissy FULL MOVIE AliceInBondageLand

Puddles is an extra-kinky sissy with a "thirst" for exotic degradations.

We share taboo fantasies about watersports paired with inescapable bondage so I know it is going to be a good day to stay hydrated. Time to add latex fetish clothing, a sissy maid uniform and also time to invite a friend over for maximum mischief!

Mistress Minax joins me for a soggy day in the sun, featuring the famous Serious Bondage "deck cell" for our wet fantasies. we can just hose him down once we are done with him!

After all, no one has "perfect" aim! We are very glad that rubber is waterproof!

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Sissy Masturbation Humiliation Part 2 Panties Vintage Lingerie Crossdressing FemDom Mistress

Pete the Pantyboy Part 2

Sissy masturbation humiliation!

Poor Pete didn't know what he was getting into when he agreed to come play dress up with me! He looks so cute in pink chiffon and satin, with layer after layer of ruffled petticoats and frilly panties underneath.

All of these pretty feminine clothes just turn on my naughty little panty wanker more and more and more... his cock bulges so much through the panties that I can't resist revealing it and stroking him off with YET ANOTHER pair of panties!

Now he is wearing three pairs of panties for me. I masturbate in my white satin panties and then force him to wear them on his face. Now he is wearing FOUR PAIRS OF PANTIES. This is more then poor Pete can handle, so I make him gush his sissy juices for me.

I like what a little slut he is for my panties. The world would be a MUCH better place if everyone was as honest with their fetishes as Pete the Panty Boy!

For more crossdressing, bondage and kinky videos, come visit me at and

Category: Sissy    Duration: 21:50    Format: WMV    File Size: 644 MB    Clip ID: 18424

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Vintage Lingerie & Panties Part 1 Sissy Dressing Up Crossdressing FemDom Mistress

Pete the Pantyboy Part 1

Dressing Up Together in Panties and Vintage Lingerie

I think that Pete's slutty little skirt is just a little too short. His cock is dangling just beneath the layer of pretty lace frills. We can't have that! Panties are just the thing to protect my new sissy's modesty. We can't have that cock dangling down with his garters!

Pete is has secretly been a panties masturbator for years and I love this journey of exploration because you can see his excitement, embarassment and eagerness as I make him prance for me and show off his new frilly panties.

We dress in vintage lingerie together, including full coverage satin panties, garters, fully fashioned stockings and even a sexy nylon slip so that we can slide silkily against each other, together in our panties.

Poor Pete gets so turned on that he starts to make a puddle in his panties - time to double panty him!

For more crossdressing, bondage and kinky videos, come visit me at and

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Pantyboy Dressing Up In Lingerie Together FULL MOVIE FemDom Sissy Crossdresser Mistress

Pete the Pantyboy FULL MOVIE

Vintage lingerie fun with the sluttiest little pantyboy I have ever met!

He's totally a slave to satin panties and vintage lingerie. He can't get enough of the feel of silky feminine clothing against his skin. Even through three pairs of panties, he is making quite a bulge... not to mention a puddle of precum.

I get myself off first, then make him wear my dirty, smelly, wet panties on his FACE.

That's more then poor Pete can handle and he soaks my panties with his sissy squirts.

This is a fantastic scene of two real-life fetishists enjoying each other and playing dress up in an incredible collection of real vintage lingerie! Lots of laugher and lots of lust... just how I like it!

For more crossdressing, bondage and kinky videos, come visit me at and

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Footjob Chastity Sissy Release Orgasm Cumshot Pantyhose FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Rebel Girl Chastity Footjob

I am a devoted foot fetishist and I deserve a devoted foot slave.

Using chastity to condition my slaves, I enjoy instilling in them a foot fetish to match my own.

Operant conditioning is powerful - using rewards and punishment to shape a slave's behavior makes it possible to induce deliberate fetishes. If I only let my slave have orgasms when my feet are involved, sooner or later he will learn to associate feet with sexual pleasure!

Prolonged chastity brings with it a special kind of Stockholme Syndrome and by spurting her orgasmic sissy juices all over my nylon-clad feet in this footjob video, Rebel Girl has sealed her fate!

Join us at for more movies putting FUN back into FemDom!

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