Alice in Latex Land - Rubber FemDom Mistress

Alice in Latex Land - Rubber FemDom Mistress

Welcome down my gummi rabbit hole...

I love latex and rubber clothing and bondage gear... from fashion to hasmat gear, vac beds and beyond.

I love shine in my sex!


Ball Busting Boot Domination Humiliation Part 3 FemDom Mistress Rubber Latex Wonderland Cosplay

Mad Tea Party - Part 3 - Ball Busting Boot Domination

I will BALL BUST the Cheshire Cat for each cup of tea that he spilled. Since he toppled the whole pot of tea, his balls are in for a pounding!

I attached a pretty little kitty bell to his balls and they make such a lovely jingle sound that the Mad Hatter and I can't resist a few extra thwacks while we are back there.

While the Mad Hatter kicks him with her stunning black boots covered in buckles, the Cheshire Cat is forced to lick up all of the spilled tea and sugar from my beautiful white leather fetish boots. I wouldn't want anything to stain these 8 inch heels. These boots are works of art, fit to be worshipped, even without a delicious candy coating.

With the Mad Hatter on hand for vicious "enforcement" we rub his face in the mess and humiliate him.

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Boot Licking Human Table Humiliation Part 2 FemDom Rubber Latex Mistress Cheshire Cat Wonderland

Mad Tea Party - Part 2 Boot Licking Human Table Humiliation

The guests have all arrived for my mad tea party, and I expect the Cheshire cat to be the TABLE! The Mad Hatter has brewed a batch of her special tea in an elaborate silver tea service.

Let's see how long our tomcat can last balancing the tea party on his back... especially once the Mad Hatter and I start to "distract" him in our sexy latex and sky-high fetish boots.

He kisses and licks our boots reverently until disaster strikes! Then he is severely PUNISHED with boot licking, spanking, crops, verbal humiliation and the scalding remains of our beautiful tea... his balls seem especially sensitive and they have a delightful kitty bell attached.

Now we can tell if we are hitting him hard enough by weather or not we can hear the little bells jingle on his balls!

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Cheshire Cat Humiliation Bondage Part 1 Cosplay Alice Wonderland Rubber Latex FemDom Mistress

Mad Tea Party - Part 1 Cheshire Cat in Metal Bondage

Welcome to a demented wonderland adventure! I have bound the Cheshire Cat with a special collar that makes him unable to pull his usual "disappearing act."

The Mad Hatter and I are about to throw the maddest tea party that you have ever seen. It will take a LONG time for you to forget this one!

Behind my magic mushroom, I have prepared plenty of heavy metal bondage gear and sexy locking leather for my special little kitty... I expect the Cheshire cat to be the TABLE for our party, so he must be securely bound.

I want him to stay right where I put him... the perfect table and the perfect target for our twisted tea and tease!

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Mad Tea Party Rubber FemDom Threesome Cosplay Wonderland FULL MOVIE CBT Boots Humiliation Latex

Mad Tea Party - FULL MOVIE

Welcome down the Rabbit Hole into the kinkiest Wonderland adventure you have ever seen!

The Mad Hatter and I have prepared a surprise for the Cheshire Cat - a special tea party where he is the guest of honor and the TABLE.

However, the Cheshire Cat gets a little too eager while worshipping our boots and he spills the entire tea service all over the floor. We humiliate, beat, ball bust and punish him for ruining our party.

This video features locking metal bondage, human furniture humiliation, plus some of my favorite ball busting and boot worshipping scenes! The poor kitty has to keep my 8 inch heeled white leather fetish boots sparklingly clean with his MOUTH and the Mad Hatter plays "bad cop" beautifully in her knee high black buckled boots.

Can his balls handle the onslaught? Tune in to find out!

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Bisexual Threesome Cage Oral Sex FULL MOVIE Squirting FemSub Orgasms FemDom Mistress Rubber Latex

Latex Lessons for Leila Valentina

3-some in Metal Bondage

Leila looks so luscious locked into this vertical cage. I can't resist playing with her voluptuous breasts, squeezing them together so that the bars of the cage are a kinky (and cold!) push-up bra.

I locked her into my specialized cage with swinging doors to provide "easy access" to both her pussy and ass. Her wrists are cuffed above her so there is nothing she can do to protect her tits or her sex. Both of her ankles are locked to the sides of the cage so she cannot resist our probing.

My latex gimp is ready with a skilled tongue to orally pleasure our captive. He is locked in chastity and I have promised him an orgasm... but only if he gets HER off first!

Leila likes it kinky, so we spank, torment and tease her to an INCREDIBLE squirting orgasm.

Her noises are delightful and her enthusiasm is infectious. Laughing, flirting, squeaking, protesting, moaning and finally squirting all over the dungeon floor, Leila Valentina is one of my favorite women to play with!

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Inflatble Rubber Sleepsack Bondage Part 2 Tease Denial CBT Latex FemDom Mistress

Heavy Rubber Jail Cell Part 2 -

Sleep Sack Tease & Denial CBT

Have you dreamed of being at the mercy of a flame-haired, sadistic Goddess?

This submissive is meeting me for the first time, on camera, a fly caught in my spider’s web. I have already been briefed by his Mistress and have prepared the dungeon for his arrival. I know his every secret fetish and I intend to exploit them for maximum lust!

I am going to give him a ride he will never forget! His Mistress did all of his negotiating in advance and now this slave is mine to toy with for the entire day! He has never met me but I know exactly what it will take to force him to submit…

… beginning with a full heavy rubber suspension in a custom inflatable latex sleep sack that leaves his cock easily accessible for torment!

The sleeves inside this latex encasement sleep sack keep his hands and arms immobilized and the straps ratchet down the pressure buckle by buckle… but it is the inflation that makes the bondage complete. Now he cannot budge an inch as he dangles for my delight!

Even his breathing is restricted with the heavy latex hood. I enjoy in playing with his breathing tube while there is nothing he can do about it, hearing the heavy pauses when I cut off his breath, alternating with the deep gasps when I allow him access to the air. He can‘t even struggle. The only part of him that can dance for me now is his dick!

My lean, sexy body is sheathed in a deadly little black latex dress and my hair is very short and very, very, VERY red. I am a creature of extremes.

It takes a lot of trust to submit to someone you have never met… and incredible power to CLAIM the submission of a stranger the moment you make contact.

I am ready to cement my ownership of this submissive with a red hot line of pain up and down his nice, hard cock. It is always a delight to discover a submissive is hiding a huge packag

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Heavy Rubber Jail Cell Sleepsack Suspension CBT Bondage Part 1 FemDom Mistress Latex

Heavy Rubber Jail Cell Part 1-

Suspended Inflatable Latex Sleep Sack

Have you ever fantasized about giving yourself to a beautiful, dominant and sadistic stranger? So did he.

I have spent hours preparing for this hapless submissive. This elaborate, custom jail cell and inflatable latex sleep sack will finally provide him with the true inescapable bondag experience that he craves. We have never met before, but I already know exactly which of his secret kinky buttons to push… and in what order!

He has been given to me for the day, trembling, tribute in hand. He has no idea who I am or what I might have in store for him. His Mistress has already done all of the negotiating for him and he has no choice but to submit. She has arranged this very intense session. This new slave has been delivered to me dressed only in a latex corset and custom hood, at her request.

I take one look at him and I know that he is ready. I can smell his fear and excitement, mixed with the tang of rubber in the air. He is shaking and quaking but still choosing to trust me. I am his new Mistress. He has been given to me for the day.

It is up to me to take his measure, claim control and drop him into “subspace” even though we are strangers. I have a secret weapon at my disposal… I already know ALL about his twisted sexual fantasies.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

They’ve detailed his love for cbt, sensory deprivation, breath control and, most of all, complete latex encasement! I have plenty of cock and ball torture to unleash with my arsenal of toys, from vampire gloves to vibrators! This specialized inflatable sleep sack will do just the trick - completely immobilizing him while still leaving his hardening cock helplessly accessible.

I torment him first with pain, then I tease him with arousal to even greater agonies with my perfect, perky breasts. The harder he gets, the mo

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Chained to the Wall - Heavy Rubber FemDom T&D Mistress Latex AliceInBondageLand Cosplay

Heavy Rubber Encasement - Chained to the Wall

Alice vs. Hoodman - FULL MOVIE

This hard-bodied slave is known for an insatiable lust for latex, cbt and submission that matches my own sadistic desires.

His exemplary service at the Pro Domme tea party at Dom Con LA put him right to the top of my torment “to do” list. I am thrilled to have him in my clutches for a day in kinky San Francisco for a little rematch.

Thick, heavy, semi-transparent latex encases his whole upper body, now. His only means of breathing is through a small tube. I love how easy he is to control in this position. Notice that the more I play with his air supply, the harder his massive cock gets!

The solid metal shackles hold him firmly in place while I explore his sexy body and push the boundaries of his trust by taunting him, teasing his cock and LITERALLY taking his breath away!

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Forced Masturbation Humiliation Part 7 TS Seduced Bisexual Couple FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

TSAmber Seduced by Couple

Pt 7 Forced Masturbation

We won't rest until we've milked TSAmber for every drop of her cum...

So now that we've already forced her to have multiple climaxes, now I order her to play with herself in front of us, so we can enjoy yet another orgasm from her, this time exhausting all of her sissy cream in one big cumshot blowout!

With four hands all over her in this bisexual threesome, TSAmber's slutty side really shows.

When at last she is exhausted and drained completely of sexual fluids, we make out and untie her, still caressing her helplessly sensitive body. This is a scene none of us will ever forget!

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TS Gets Handjob Part 6 Bisexual Couple Rubber Latex FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

TSAmber Seduced by Couple

Pt 6 Handjob Chair Tie EXTENDED VERSION

This bonus version is EXTRA LONG with plenty of hot handjob footage!

Her cock is already getting hard again and I noticed that there wasn't a lot of fluid involved with her first orgasm. I am convinced that this TS is still full of cum and I intend to milk it out of her one way or another!

We tie TSAmber securely to the throne and continue playing with her through the night...

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Forced Orgasms TS Seduced by Bi Couple Part 5 FemDom Mistress Bondage Rubber Latex

TSAmber Seduced by Couple

Pt 5 Forced Orgasms

TS Amber continues to get more and more sensitive and aroused the more we play with her. Soon she is going to loose control and gush her sissy juices everywhere!

Both of us have been fondling, pinching, stroking and probing her while she is tied up helplessly in the living room. Her moans have grown louder and louder and her sissy clitty is at maximum hardness. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of her.

I think she would do anything for release... little does she know that we will not untie her simply because she has an orgasm. This is just the beginning of her night with us!

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TS Seduced By Rubber Couple FULL MOVIE Trans Latex FemDom Mistress Threesome

TSAmber Seduced by Couple


We brought home a sexy tranny from a club in Las Vegas and couldn't resist teaming up on her as a couple. This is a sexy bondage seduction with a bisexual mtf shemale.

Amber has very sensitive breasts, which we first bind with white rope... she enjoys the bondage so much that we tie the rest of her up before exploring the growing bulge in her panties.

How many orgasms can we coax from our captured slut in a single night?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... unless it is on video!

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Strap-on Handjob FemDom Threesome Part 7 Mistress AliceInBondageLand Rubber Latex Cumshot Orgasm

Double Domme Pt 7 - Strap-On Handjob

Here is the big finish!

Mistress Leila Valentina straps on her big, black cock and is ready to give it to him all the way. We've been torturing and probing his ass for hours, so he is finally stretched out enough to handle the biggest strap-on fucking of his young life!

We're pleased with the way he has taken his punishments without complaining, even though we had to gag him for talking too much... so we might even let him have an orgasm!

While Mistress Valentina buries her bbc in his virgin hole, I reach down beneath and give him a handjob. Together, we are going to milk every drop of cum out of this hot latex sex slave.

Once we've enjoyed all this he has to offer, we lock up his cock and balls. For the finale, I add a locking butt plug to make sure our slave's chastity is assured in every sense while we are gone. Now, Mistress Valentina and I can enjoy some "girl time" together.

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Masturbating Squirting Mistess Tease Denial Part 6 FemDom Rubber Latex AliceInBondageLand

Double Domme Pt 6 - Squirting Femdom Orgasms - Tease & Denial

Our new slave makes a perfect footrest in front of the throne.

I am aching for sex, but this new recruit hasn't passed our tests. Fortunately, I recently invested in a beautiful new toy by njoy. The solid metal sex toy looks and feels more like a door knocker then a dildo... but it is perfectly angled to reach my g-spot!

I tied the rope bondage very TIGHTLY. Our slave is helpless, unable to stop Mistress Valentina's relentless assault on his ass and also unable to watch me masturbating right on top of him. We are using him for our pleasure... but not in the way that he expected!

We force him to listen in as I get myself off to an incredible, juicy orgasm... I love the way he writhes as I squirt my juices all over his back. Yum! If he is very lucky, I will let him lick my pussy next. For now, he gets to lick off my toy.

Tease and denial always makes MY orgasms stronger. :-)

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Ass Stretching Dildoes Part 5 Double Domme Threesome FemDom Mistress Rubber Latex

Double Domme Pt 5 - Ass Stretching Dildoes

Mistress Valentina's new slave has a virgin asshole that needs lots of stretching before our strap-ons will fit inside of him...

I love watching a hot, straight, slave learn to take a woman's cock in his ass for the first time.

The fear, arousal, pain, pleasure, confusion and excitement play across our young slave's face as we slowly force him to take more and more and more. I find that a handjob makes excellent "encouragement" to take the whole dildo!

I love the dynamic between these two - they are a real-life Mistress/slave couple - and I enjoy the chance to join in with her slave's "advanced" training. Mistress Valentina has a butt plug that gets bigger and bigger and he moans as each ridge penetrates his hole. Soon he will be ready for her big black cock.

We alternate pain and pleasure, spanking, stroking and thrusting. Soon his ass is stuffed wider and deeper then he has ever been filled before!

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