Alice in Chastity Land Lifestyle FemDom Keyholder

Alice in Chastity Land Lifestyle FemDom Keyholder

Tease and denial makes any pleasure that much more poignant...

Enjoy these movies showcasing my love of orgasm control, lifstyle chastity, tease and denial.


Chastity Card Game Part 2 Newbie Version YOU BET YOUR DICK FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Since you are so new to having your cock locked into that chastity belt, I will only be drawing one card this time… as you learn and grow it could turn into whole poker hands.

One or two days with your cock in chastity wouldn’t be too bad… but what if I draw one of the four Queens? 12 more days in chastity for you!

Do you think you can handle more than a week at a time? I guess now is time to find out!

Put your dick on the line and come play a game of cards with me!

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YOU BET YOUR DICK - Chastity Card Game Part 1 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Would you bet your dick in a card game?

One of my fans has suggested a fun new chastity game and I am eager to play it with him

I get to deal myself a hand of 5 cards and their value determines the number of days he must be kept in chastity... but look out for face cards or multipliers! You cold be spending a looooooooooong time locked into up!

His key has finally arrived, now it is time for this internet boy to find out his fate!

Care to play a little game with me?

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Sleepsack Sissy Chastity Bondage Overnight FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

SissyAmy Leather Sleepsack Nap Time


SissyAmy has been sent here by far away Mistress Sindee for further bondage and chastity training, shes so excited!

We have worked her HARD for several days, making sure that she is under lock and key 24/7 with constant femdom supervision. She's taken massive strap-on cocks and been publicly humiliated at Wicked Grounds and on the Golden Gate Bridge, now is her nap time!

What better evening than to put her securely to bed with then this custom leather sleepsack from Mr S. The internal sleeves will make her unable to slip out to play with herself, still I add my whole rope collection for good measure.

Now she can barely struggle. Maybe this will finally help SissyAmy get her beauty rest?

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Sissy Bondage Coffee Shop PUBLIC HUMILIATION FemDom Mistress Maid Latex Rubber

Sissy Amy Wicked Grounds Public Humiliation FULL MOVIE

Some things can only happen in San Francisco...

After uncuffing my sissy from the Golden Gate Bridge, we are tired, hungry and chilled by the brisk coastal wind. It is the perfect time to visit Wicked Grounds for lunch and a cup of renewing coffee.

Wicked Grounds is a very special place. An 18+ kink friendly coffee shop, it is where yours truly edits most of her kinky movies but also a safe place to have munches. negotiate a scene with a new play partner, hide out during Folsom Street Fair or take a break during a play party with Bondage a Go Go or the Citadel.

I short, it is all the best aspects of a pansexual leather bar, but without having to deal with drunk people... plus, play is permitted!

We're out pushing boundaries and putting on a show for San Francisco tourists, now it is time to give a bondage performance art treat to our friends!

SissyAmy and I are still dressed head to toe in latex fetish clothing, me in a sleek Mistress ensemble and her in a scandalously short NEON pink sissy maid uniform. I add some fabulous white rope bondage over the top to accessorize her look, then upgrade her shoes into PUNISHMENT boots that I LOCK on tightly!

Now my sissy is nice and secure as a human footstool while I enjoy some refreshment.

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Sex Slave Training Strap-On Deepthroat FULL MOVIE FemDom Leather Mistress Threesome

Sex Slave Training with Mistress Minax & Mistress Alice


Mistress Minax and I have both strapped on our biggest cocks to test our new sex slave.

This submissive is known for his devotion and "capacity." By the end of the night, we'll be fist deep in his flesh but first, we want to fuck every one of his holes with our strap-on dicks.

I have been dreaming about this scene. I woke up wet and aroused this morning with lingering memories of my slave and I licking every inch of each other in a hungry sex-starved frenzy... But he has to earn the privilege of worshiping my pussy. We are training our new sex slave from the bottom up.

I met Dragon at one of Minax's classes and he amazed me with his intensity, sincere presence (even in intense pain) and his ability to handle literally anything that a room full of experienced dominatrixes could dish out. He takes pain and channels it into something powerful and beautiful, as you'll see at the end of this clip.

I've upgraded my schlong since the last time we met. Let's see how much he can take!

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FemDom Bondage Sex FULL MOVIE The Prisoner Interrogation Military Blowjob Deepthroat Fucking

Prisoner 7: Femdom Bondage Sex, CBT & Deep Throat Blowjobs

I am sick of pin-up fetish models and soft-core bondage movies.

I want hardcore femdom fucking action! … So that’s what I deliver in this explicit video.

My guards captured this suspicious foreign agent outside of our secret laboratories. Since sensitive documents about our secret weapon are missing, I assume this hung stud must be the culprit. I will stop at nothing to obtain his confession… even if I have to suck the information out of him!

My relentless interrogation techniques include multiple rigid metal bondage scenarios, cbt, breath play, tease, denial and ultimately lots of juicy femdom orgasms as I take advantage of his huge dick and stubborn refusal to confess.

Another black ops program would just kill him and be done with it, but I choose to use my sexuality as a weapon to undo this man and remake him into my perfect sex slave and hardcore double agent.

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FemDom Footjob Cumshot Chastity Training FULL MOVIE Mistress AliceInBondageLand Pantyhose Feet

Rebel Girl Chastity Footjob

I am a devoted foot fetishist and I deserve a devoted foot slave.

Using chastity to condition my slaves, I enjoy instilling in them a foot fetish to match my own.

Operant conditioning is powerful - using rewards and punishment to shape a slave's behavior makes it possible to induce deliberate fetishes. If I only let my slave have orgasms when my feet are involved, sooner or later he will learn to associate feet with sexual pleasure!

Prolonged chastity brings with it a special kind of Stockholme Syndrome and by spurting her orgasmic sissy juices all over my nylon-clad feet in this footjob video, Rebel Girl has sealed her fate!

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Mistress Masturbating Tease Denial Vibrator Part 4 Tit Fucking Rebel Girl FemDom Mistress

Rebel Girl Chastity Pt 4 Mistress Masturbation

A huge amount of teasing for a tiny little sissy cock!

After making sure Rebel Girl is in erotic torment, I use her as human furniture for my own masturbation.

This is as close as my chastity sissy has gotten to my pussy in months. I am wet, ready and hovering just above her as I give myself a noisy orgasm.

If sissy had a bigger cock, she might stand a chance but nature has built her to be the perfect cuckold in chastity instead. Maybe later she can orally please me to make up for her genital shortcomings.

I use the dildo gag to demonstrate my cocksucking skills and to show her how a REAL man would fuck my tits.

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Chastty CBT Facesitting FULL MOVIE Rebel Girl FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Rebel Girl Chastity FULL MOVIE CBT Facesitting Dildo

Chastity is a powerful motivator and mind-warper!

I only permit Rebel Girl to be unlocked from her captive-ball chastity device when the rest of her is tied up tight!

When she is unlocked from chastity, I make sure to include lots of cbt and tease/denial to remind her that it is about MY PLEASURE and not hers. Chastity sissies need to learn to please their owners first.

To keep it all about me, I lock my sissy into a dildo gag and force her to fuck me with her face... but not letting her taste a drop of my orgasmic pussy juices. The ultimate tease and denial!

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SPH POV Humiliation Dildo Comparison FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Small Penis SPH Show and Tell

POV with Mistress Alice in Bondageland

I have noticed MAJOR discrepancies between how big a man CLAIMS to be online and how big his dick really is once you meet in person!

This video illustrates the difference between a tiny cock that is fit for chastity, cbt and t&D... compared to a nice big studly penis, plus some suggestions for how to extend your assets if fate has been less then kind. Cock extenders are available for you babydicks out there but it will be hard to get off under that thick layer of rubber!

I also detail the punishments for lying about your penis size in your online profiles... you don't want to get fucked with the punishment dildo! It will put your teeny weenie to shame!

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POV Mistress Masturbating Hitatchi Vibrator Talking Dirty Tease Denial FULL MOVIE

POV True Desires Masturbation FULL MOVIE AliceInBondageLand

Welcome to the True Desires FemDom fantasy retreat weekend. For 3 days and nights 9 dominant women enslave 10 submissive men for what feels like eternity of full time bdsm service.

The men are being kept naked and in chastity for our pleasure while serving us, but now that it is evening they are all locked into kennels for the night. The Mistresses have gone to bed but I am still wide awake and horny.

Something about the thought of those 9 men in chastity eagerly waiting downstairs in their cages makes me sooo wet... since they cannot masturbate, I decide to give myself one orgasm for each of my weekend servants.

I told them exactly what I was going to do after locking up their cages. I wonder if they can hear my moans echoing through the dungeon.

Maitresse Renee certainly does and CATCHES ME MASTURBATING at the end of this fun, humiliating POV video with a twist.

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Chastity Extreme Medical Institutional Bondage Tease Denial FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Welcome to my Wonderland of extreme bondage...

Patient number 27 is a compulsive masturbator. He has checked himself into our care as an act of desperation. We are here to treat him with our “specialized” behavioral modification techniques…. Including strict bondage, 24/7 vigilance and extreme custom chastity belts (this one is my favorite, from Carrera in Belgium).

His ongoing treatment has proven challenging and the Head Nurse at the Serious Bondage Institute suggested that we allow him to have his hands closer to his groin, in the hopes that enforced proximity to his cock (while masturbation is completely impossible) will comfort him and help to break the cycle of self abuse.

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Chastity Straitjacket Institutional Medical Humiliation FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Off-camera during the filming of the first clip, my submissive “discovered” that he could grab my ass with a combination of perfect timing and putting the institutional straps to the maximum stress test when he lunged!

This game of grab-ass results in swift severe punishment before I put him into MUCH more restrictive bondage!

Since he is still locked tightly into his custom metal chastity belt, we are at no risk of him touching himself… but touching me without permission is completely unacceptable. In keeping with the institutional theme, I lace him into a tight, white straightjacket so that he can have some time to “think about” his behavior and reflect on the fact that he cannot escape (even if he wanted to).

My favorite bondage teacher once remarked, “It isn’t bondage until you want to get out.” Let’s see how long it takes this submissive to stew in his own remorseful juices before he cracks.

I give him a delicious tease and denial peepshow up my skirt before I take away his sight with a brown leather blindfold - the perfect match to my favorite muzzle!

“Enjoy it while you can,” I remind him, giving him a perfect view of my pussy as I arch over him “because that’s all you’re gonna get!”

I then leave him in strict straight jacket and leather straps bondage for the whole night - with just that beautiful memory to keep him company.

… and a baby monitor to make sure he made it through the night, punished but alive.

The ankle bed restraint strap and the tan leather straps are from Humane Restraint, the canvas straitjacket is from Maxcita, the chastity belt is from Carrara, the tan muzzle and blindfold are from Medical Toys, and the giant steel bed frame is from RigidCuff. Yikes!


- Alice

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Blowjob w Butt Plug Part 2 Cage Bondage FemDom Mistress Threesome Oral

Caged Gimp Double Team - Part 2

Butt Plugged Blow Job

We've got this sub locked up in a specialized cage that lets me keep him under strict bondage... while still leaving his ass and cock available for use!

My female sub sucks away at his hard cock while I explore his sensitive nether regions. Don't all men dream about being caught "coming and going at the same time"?

His wrists and elbows are locked firmly in place and even his boots are locked to the cage bars... but I have let him out of the chastity device long enough to enjoy a little action.

Leila Valentina sucks cock with enthusiasm and style, especially since I finally take her out of the nasty ring-gag and let her wrap her sensuous black lips around his whole cock. She's going to suck him for every drop... all while I probe our slave with an inflatable butt plug!

Prostate play AND a deepthroat blow job? This is my favorite way to enjoy a fmf threesome! :-)

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Chastity Blowjob Punishment Gas Mask Breath Control Pt 3 FemDom Mistress Rubber Latex Threesome BDSM

Caged Gimp Double Team - Part 3 Gas Mask Chastity Torture

For every orgasm I allow my slave to enjoy, I take away another aspect of his freedom.

From now on, whenever he comes to visit me, I am going to control his BREATHING.

Today, I do that with a sexy black rubber gas mask and an erotic scent tease across my rubber-clad body. He can smell my lust but is completely helpless to do anything about it. The pheromones work their magic on his cock to make it rise again...

Before he gets any more ideas about a second orgasm, I lock his cock back up in a metal chastity cuff. Now he's plugged and locked down tight! We leave him there in the cage to stew in strict, upright metal bondage!

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