Alice in CBT Land - FemDom Mistress Ball Busting

Alice in CBT Land - FemDom Mistress Ball Busting

Here is a special part of Alice In Bondage Land dedicated to cock and ball torture!

I love doubling men over in pain... but I love it even more if their dick stays hard through the agony!


Sadistic Dentist FemDom Medical CBT Humiliation Latex Rubber Bondage Extreme

Clearly, dentistry and sadism go together... but who knew they could be this sexy?

Poor slave! This hapless victim was remiss in providing me with his medical history when we began negotiating our scenes, so I decided to punish him with an exam of my own!

For those of you who are afraid of the dentist, this is your ultimate nightmare! I enjoy playing on a very wide spectrum. While I took it easy on my bondage subject in the other videos I have shared on my site so far, in this one my sadistic side really shines!

How could I resist a scene with this gorgeous (and very, very real) vintage dentist’s chair? I like to think that hundreds of hours of suffering have soaked into its vinyl seat.

First, I bind my slave in a very special inflatable latex catsuit and I lock his cock into a CB2000 to make sure I have his FULL attention. Once his penis becomes my property, you can see how servile and eager he becomes to please me. This slave begs, squeals, screams and flatters. However, I show him NO MERCY!

From the tips of his toes to the tip of his nose, I put this latex clad slave through some rigorous bondage. The foot bondage in this scene is unusual and incredibly strenuous using a product called “yoga toes.”

I use a real ratcheting style dental immobilization gag. This is a gag built for hard use - I really could drill right into him, whether he liked it or not, with this level of immobilization and bondage keeping him right where I want him.

With this randy (and terrified) slave at my mercy, I can change out of my drab uniform into something more sexy. I love the transparent latex’s ability to at once clothe me yet expose me. There are spikes on the edges of my slave’s chastity device and you can tell my strip-tease causes him both arousal and extreme agony.

The tongue stretching in this video is intense, but I insist on only the best from my oral sex slaves. If he wan

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Cheshire Cat HUGE BALLS Ball Busting CBT Humiliation Castration FemDom Mistress Alice Wonderland

Welcome to a whacky Wonderland adventure!

In this episode, it is the Cheshire Cat's giant saline-inflated balls that get the most whacks!

I enjoy his huge balls and the extra CBT opportunity they offer. His enhanced balls are impossible to resist so I relish in torturing them in this cheeky roleplaying adventure from the darker side of Lewis Carrol.

Using metal bondage, chains, locks and spreader bars I keep him immobilized for an inspection and a surprise visit to the vet to be "fixed." We have too many kittens in town and I love the look in this proud man's eyes when I threaten to castrate him!

I paddle his balls to drive the punishment home!

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Saline Scrotal Inflation Medical Play BDSM FemDom Mistress Public Threesome BIG BALLS

Scrotal Saline Infusion CBT with Mistress Serene

Who's got big balls? He's got big balls! In fact, these are the biggest balls of them all!

I have been into cock and ball pumping for a long time, but scrotal inflation using saline is new territory for me. Thankfully Mistress Serene Sin is VERY open to teaching new people all about this extreme medical clinic kink!

We are at DomCon LA - a very special convention of dominatrixes from all over the world that gathers once a year in May. The classes are incredible and the eye candy simply can't be beat!

Mistress Serene taught an incredible saline inflation class for the masses, but agreed to give us a more private lesson and personal demonstration.

Now that his balls are ENORMOUS it will be a lot more fun to ball bust him. The scrotum is perfect for inflation since it is a perfect "purse" shape to hold fluids as well as testicles. Though breast inflation using saline is short lived, the results on his balls will last for several days!

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SPH Humiliation Dildo Comparison FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand POV

Small Penis SPH Show and Tell

POV with Mistress Alice in Bondageland

I have noticed MAJOR discrepancies between how big a man CLAIMS to be online and how big his dick really is once you meet in person!

This video illustrates the difference between a tiny cock that is fit for chastity, cbt and t&D... compared to a nice big studly penis, plus some suggestions for how to extend your assets if fate has been less then kind. Cock extenders are available for you babydicks out there but it will be hard to get off under that thick layer of rubber!

I also detail the punishments for lying about your penis size in your online profiles... you don't want to get fucked with the punishment dildo! It will put your teeny weenie to shame!

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Small Penis Humiliation CBT Threat POV Mistress AliceInBondageLand FemDom

POV Alice SPH Small Penis Humiliation Dildo

In my previous interview, I showed you some truly HUGE cocks, but since no one really makes tiny dildoes I had to go make my own tiny penis model, using my sissy's clitty to make a mold.

I've seen women with clits this big... but then again, this is San Francisco.

It is a one-handed wonder. A cocklette or a dinky, not a cock or a dick.

Do you measure up?

Compare yourself to this truly tiny penis in this fun and candid sph (small penis humiliation) femdom pov video.

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Sleepsack CBT Tease Denial Suspension Bondage Part 2 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand Latex

Heavy Rubber Jail Cell Part 2 -

Sleep Sack Tease & Denial CBT

Have you dreamed of being at the mercy of a flame-haired, sadistic Goddess?

This submissive is meeting me for the first time, on camera, a fly caught in my spider’s web. I have already been briefed by his Mistress and have prepared the dungeon for his arrival. I know his every secret fetish and I intend to exploit them for maximum lust!

I am going to give him a ride he will never forget! His Mistress did all of his negotiating in advance and now this slave is mine to toy with for the entire day! He has never met me but I know exactly what it will take to force him to submit…

… beginning with a full heavy rubber suspension in a custom inflatable latex sleep sack that leaves his cock easily accessible for torment!

The sleeves inside this latex encasement sleep sack keep his hands and arms immobilized and the straps ratchet down the pressure buckle by buckle… but it is the inflation that makes the bondage complete. Now he cannot budge an inch as he dangles for my delight!

Even his breathing is restricted with the heavy latex hood. I enjoy in playing with his breathing tube while there is nothing he can do about it, hearing the heavy pauses when I cut off his breath, alternating with the deep gasps when I allow him access to the air. He can‘t even struggle. The only part of him that can dance for me now is his dick!

My lean, sexy body is sheathed in a deadly little black latex dress and my hair is very short and very, very, VERY red. I am a creature of extremes.

It takes a lot of trust to submit to someone you have never met… and incredible power to CLAIM the submission of a stranger the moment you make contact.

I am ready to cement my ownership of this submissive with a red hot line of pain up and down his nice, hard cock. It is always a delight to discover a submissive is hiding a huge packag

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Heavy Rubber CBT Sleepsack Suspension Part 1 Jail Cell Prison FemDom Mistress Bondage Latex

Heavy Rubber Jail Cell Part 1-

Suspended Inflatable Latex Sleep Sack

Have you ever fantasized about giving yourself to a beautiful, dominant and sadistic stranger? So did he.

I have spent hours preparing for this hapless submissive. This elaborate, custom jail cell and inflatable latex sleep sack will finally provide him with the true inescapable bondag experience that he craves. We have never met before, but I already know exactly which of his secret kinky buttons to push… and in what order!

He has been given to me for the day, trembling, tribute in hand. He has no idea who I am or what I might have in store for him. His Mistress has already done all of the negotiating for him and he has no choice but to submit. She has arranged this very intense session. This new slave has been delivered to me dressed only in a latex corset and custom hood, at her request.

I take one look at him and I know that he is ready. I can smell his fear and excitement, mixed with the tang of rubber in the air. He is shaking and quaking but still choosing to trust me. I am his new Mistress. He has been given to me for the day.

It is up to me to take his measure, claim control and drop him into “subspace” even though we are strangers. I have a secret weapon at my disposal… I already know ALL about his twisted sexual fantasies.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

They’ve detailed his love for cbt, sensory deprivation, breath control and, most of all, complete latex encasement! I have plenty of cock and ball torture to unleash with my arsenal of toys, from vampire gloves to vibrators! This specialized inflatable sleep sack will do just the trick - completely immobilizing him while still leaving his hardening cock helplessly accessible.

I torment him first with pain, then I tease him with arousal to even greater agonies with my perfect, perky breasts. The harder he gets, the mo

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Ball Busting Footjob Cum Consumption Cougar Part 2 FemDom BBW Mistress Threesome

Master Cottonmouth's Footboy Pt 2 Footjob & Cum Consumption

Her slave is strapped down at maximum extension on the Saint Andrew's Cross. I think Master Cottonmouth takes perverse delight in straining his young body. After all, he's barely legal and still a growing boy!

It is his cock that shows the most "growth" in this scene. We tease her foot slave with fetish boots and open toed high heels shoes, ball busting and carressing him with our pedicured toes and beautiful shoes. Alternating with our hands and feet, we give him a threesome footjob to remember!

He blasts his load everywhere and we make him clean up the creamy cum shot with his eager, slutty mouth.

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Foot Slave CBT Footjob Fetish FemDom FULL MOVIE BBW Threesome Kinky Fun Cumshot Cum Consumption

Master Cottonmouth's Footboy FULL MOVIE

Master Cottonmouth is proud of her latest boy-toy conquest. I had to double check this baby-faced aquisition's ID twice to make sure he was really over 18. Yes, he's legal... but only barely. She likes them young and full of cum!

This particular young man has a special feature - he shares her intense foot fetish and his cock is big enough to nicely fill up her high heels during a footjob.

Fetishes? Check!

Huge cock? Check!

Eager? Fun? Cute? Young? Check! Check, check and check!

I can see why Cottonmouth reeled this one in from collarme to serve her in real life and on camera. He is delicious from the tip of his massive obedient cock to his Buster Keaton tattoos. He provides big dick and cumshots on command!

She exemplifies a cougar. A sexually voracious dominant, experienced women who sexually consumes younger, eager men...

She makes this cuckold slave lap up the extra creampies from her pussy and he loves it. Today we're focusing on the fetish we all have in common - FEET and BOOTS!

We double up on him for a hot fetish threesome and lock him up tightly and spread eagle to the St Andrew's Cross. I love the way his lithe skinny young man's body arches under the locking leather restraints. Even before we start to torment him, he is straining in the bondage as if being stretched on a rack.

We ruthelessly bust his balls. First with my massive black boots and then her in sexy, strappy high heeled sandals. I can see just how special, and useful, this slave can be as he gets harder and harder for us.

I love the flush in his face, lust in his eyes and pulsing in his cock as he orally worships our feet. When he desperately shoves his femdom Master's whole foot into his mouth he delivers a delicious cum shot all over our feet and fetish boots.

Should we make him clean that up with his tongue too?

Join u

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Whips Paddles CBT FemDom Gangbang Part 2 Mistress Humiliation Sadism Masochist

Gangbang Whipping Part 2 Paddles, Whips & Fingering

By the time we've warmed out submissive up with floggers, he is already clinging to the spreader bar above his head. White knuckled, he has endured everything that we have dished out... but a gangbang has a way of catching up with you.

He is becoming more and more sensitive and aroused the more we spank, flog, paddle and whip him. Even if we each use our implements of "ass" destruction carefully, the cumulative effect of three women can be VERY intense. This is very real coporal punishment inflicted by three skilled dominant women.

You can tell from this footage that none of us are holding back or going "easy" on him. Good thing he is a fast healer! Madame Suzanne is especially sadistic with her homemade toys and he struggles not to scream as she lays into his back and ass with a wicked plastic cat-o-nine-tails.

The more noise he makes, the more we laugh and keep going!

Now his butt is welted and pink enough that I can find my favorite target... his tight little hole. I finger his ass while the other women take care of the rest of his body... pinching, prodding, whipping, stroking and laughing.

We have bad cop, worse cop and evil cop in this femdom gangbang.

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Nipple Torture CBT Part 1 Gangbang Whipping FemDom Mistress BDSM CFNM

Gangbang Whipping & Strap-on

Part 1 Nipple Torture (NT)

Each time I play with this submissive, his nipples are a little bit bigger and a little more responsive.

After many months of mischief together, the results of his love for nipple torture are painfully obvious... but you can tell that he is right handed because the right nipple is BIGGER then the left one. I set about balancing his nipples with pinching and a snake bite kit while the other women enjoy the other side of his body.

We bind him standing in the middle of the room and then circle him like hungry sharks at a feeding frenzy, tweaking his sensitive nipples, grabbing him by the balls, spanking and flogging him. You can do SO MANY THINGS when you have 3 sets of hands in the dungeons.

You can see our personalities and play styles emerging in this fun group scene. I love a good gangbang!

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Chastity Footjob CBT Cumshot Sissy Humiliation Cum Consumption Mistress FemDom AliceInBondageLand

Rebel Girl Chastity Footjob

I am a devoted foot fetishist and I deserve a devoted foot slave.

Using chastity to condition my slaves, I enjoy instilling in them a foot fetish to match my own.

Operant conditioning is powerful - using rewards and punishment to shape a slave's behavior makes it possible to induce deliberate fetishes. If I only let my slave have orgasms when my feet are involved, sooner or later he will learn to associate feet with sexual pleasure!

Prolonged chastity brings with it a special kind of Stockholme Syndrome and by spurting her orgasmic sissy juices all over my nylon-clad feet in this footjob video, Rebel Girl has sealed her fate!

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Inflatable Latex CBT Bondage FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand Rubber Chastity

Inflatable Latex CBT Bondage


I am inspired by my slave's inflatable rubber catsuit. It has a convenient opening so that his cock and balls are fully exposed to my torture. Since he is locked in chastity right now, you can bet there will be a whole lot of tease and denial too!

The leather straps provide incredible contrast to the bulging, inflated latex, pressing in against every inch of my slave's vulnerable body. The straps add to the compression and, in the end, a little twitching is the most motion this slut can muster... no matter how bad it hurts or how much he wants to cum!

For more bondage videos, stories and real-life adventures, visit me at

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Facesitting 3 Girl Handjob Part 2 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand CBT Gangbang Ballbusting

Meat Tendersizing Pt 2

Melanie Massacre makes her video debut in this intense cbt handjob with an explosive climax at the end.

She came over while we were torturing someone in the basement and decided she wanted to join in once she saw how much fun we were having. Now the three of us take turns giving pleasure and pain.

Freya uses her wet pussy to muffle our slave's moans of protest as we torment him relentlessly. It is so much fun to teach a new girl just how much pain and abuse testicles can handle!

The most painful part of this cbt comes from home-made toys - spiked old fashioned curlers combined with rubber bands to creat painful cbt devices that act like an agonizing cock ring and ball stretcher combined with crushing power.

We're going to beat the cum out of his balls!

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Double Domme Meat Tenderizing CBT Threesome Part 1 Mistress FemDom AliceInBondageLand

Meat Tenderizing CBT Pt 1

Freya secures our submissive to the massage table with skillful rope bondage while I tease him with my breasts... soon he will be under our complete power.

Once he is bound inescapably, we begin to torment him with cbt. We get an instant reaction from his hardening cock when we hurt it. I take it as an open invitation to up the intensity.

We play a slapping game, enjoying the distinctive THWACK that his vulnerable balls make when we smack them with our open palm. This CBT slut keeps getting harder and harder, encouraging us to play rougher and rougher.

When his suffering begins to detract from his hardon, Freya is ready to provide some facesitting motivation to bring his flagpole right back up to full saluting.

Once he is at full harness, we bring out the BIG weapons, starting with spiky and cruel implements to aid our tourturous handjob but also adding a real MEAT TENDERIZER from the kitchen for some really HEAVY BALL BUSTING!

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