Alice in BondageLand - Lifestyle FemDom BDSM Fetis

Alice in BondageLand - Lifestyle FemDom BDSM Fetis

Welcome down my kinky Rabbit Hole...

Authentic lifestyle femdoms, enthusiastic sadists, laughing fetishists, smiling dominant women. Movies cheerfully exploring male submission, chastity, crossdressing, strap-on, rubber, cbt, heavy bondage and fetishes with enthusiasm and lust!

Welcome behind the scenes and into the dungeons of the world's sexiest and most genuine lifestyle female dominants.

No bored-looking models here... we prefer real women showing off their real sex lives for the camera. Enthusiasm can't be faked or bought and it shows through in their smiles and eager, sadistic, sexual arousal.

FemSub Vertical Cage Oral Sex FULL MOVIE FemDom Threesome Heavy Bondage

Latex Lessons for Leila Valentina
3-some in Metal Bondage

Leila looks so luscious locked into this vertical cage. I can't resist playing with her voluptuous breasts, squeezing them together so that the bars of the cage are a kinky (and cold!) push-up bra.

I locked her into my specialized cage with swinging doors to provide "easy access" to both her pussy and ass. Her wrists are cuffed above her so there is nothing she can do to protect her tits or her sex. Both of her ankles are locked to the sides of the cage so she cannot resist our probing.

My latex gimp is ready with a skilled tongue to orally pleasure our captive. He is locked in chastity and I have promised him an orgasm... but only if he gets HER off first!

Leila likes it kinky, so we spank, torment and tease her to an INCREDIBLE squirting orgasm.

Her noises are delightful and her enthusiasm is infectious. Laughing, flirting, squeaking, protesting, moaning and finally squirting all over the dungeon floor, Leila Valentina is one of my favorite women to play with!

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Folsom Street Fair Public Humiliation FemDom Group Domination Mistress BDSM CBT

THE WALK OF SHAME - In a Slave's Own Words

This slave was required to walk to the Folsom Street Fair with its anus deeply stuffed with a large black buttplug. Once there, it was required to strip and remain naked at all times, except for sandals to protect its feet and a hood to conceal its identity. For decoration, it was made to wear a collar and a ball parachute. Bright red tiny lacy thong panties and a matching lacy bra were added for additional humiliation at the pleasure of Mistress Alice.

Mistress and her three domme friends took turns leading it back and forth by a chain leash attached to its ball parachute. There it was frequently displayed, humiliated, and punished for the entertainment and amusement of the huge crowds. For two hours, it was exposed to videotaping and photography by Mistress' cameraman and by countless spectators.

Soon after its arrival, it was well-spanked on its buttocks and kicked in its balls by Mistress, her friends and passing female volunteers. They also subjected its buttocks and thighs to frequent shocks with a cattle prod.

It quickly obeyed all commands from its Mistress and her friends, including the command "Worship," which required it to orally worship female shoes and boots, "Display," which required it to bend over, stick out its buttocks, spread its cheeks with its hands and fully display its plugged anus and the command "Present", which required it to present its cock and balls for torment, not attempting to protect them in any way.

As often as possible, flyers with these words were handed out and read loudly to passing women:

"This slave is here to suffer for your amusement and entertainment. It has repeatedly masturbated while watching porn in which pain and humiliation is inflicted upon women. As its punishment, it is to endure hours of naked public pain, humiliation, and degradation here today. These hours are being videoed for display and sale online, so that the public can purchase, download, watch, review, rate, comment on, and masturbate over its torment."

All women are urged to add to its humiliation by surrounding it, photographing it, posing for photographs with it, commenting about it, examining it, pinching it, slapping it, or taping written comments to it."

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Cheshire Cat Ball Busting Saline Inflation Mistress Alice Wonderland FemDom AliceInBondageLand

Welcome to a whacky Wonderland adventure!

In this episode, it is the Cheshire Cat's giant saline-inflated balls that get the most whacks!

I enjoy his huge balls and the extra CBT opportunity they offer. His enhanced balls are impossible to resist so I relish in torturing them in this cheeky roleplaying adventure from the darker side of Lewis Carrol.

Using metal bondage, chains, locks and spreader bars I keep him immobilized for an inspection and a surprise visit to the vet to be "fixed." We have too many kittens in town and I love the look in this proud man's eyes when I threaten to castrate him!

I paddle his balls to drive the punishment home!

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SPH Dildo Comparison FemDom Mistress POV Small Penis Humiliation AliceInBondageLand

Small Penis SPH Show and Tell

POV with Mistress Alice in Bondageland

I have noticed MAJOR discrepancies between how big a man CLAIMS to be online and how big his dick really is once you meet in person!

This video illustrates the difference between a tiny cock that is fit for chastity, cbt and t&D... compared to a nice big studly penis, plus some suggestions for how to extend your assets if fate has been less then kind. Cock extenders are available for you babydicks out there but it will be hard to get off under that thick layer of rubber!

I also detail the punishments for lying about your penis size in your online profiles... you don't want to get fucked with the punishment dildo! It will put your teeny weenie to shame!

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Chastity Card Game Part 2 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand POV Humiliation Tease

Since you are so new to having your cock locked into that chastity belt, I will only be drawing one card this time… as you learn and grow it could turn into whole poker hands.

One or two days with your cock in chastity wouldn’t be too bad… but what if I draw one of the four Queens? 12 more days in chastity for you!

Do you think you can handle more than a week at a time? I guess now is time to find out!

Put your dick on the line and come play a game of cards with me!

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Forced Bi Blowjob Bondage Sissy 69 Suspension Cocksucking Part 2 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Sissy 69 Suspension Part 2 Forced Bi Blowjob AliceInBondageLand

The winch rattles as it lowers my two sissies down onto each other... and into each other's mouths.

Would you be willing to suck a sissy's cock if it also meant that he had to such yours in return? Forced bisexual crossdressing predicament bondage at its best!

They are so nervous, but so aroused. I tease and torment them before bringing the two pieces of my sissy suspension sandwhich together for some deep throat mutual cocksucking.

I liven things up by masturbating next to them and the sounds of my orgasms egg them on. It does not take long before they spurt their sissy loads of cum. I make sure they swallow every drop! No sissy semen goes to waste in this shoot!

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Sissy 69 Forced Bi Blowjob Cocksucking Bondage Lessons FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistess AliceInBondageLand

Sissy 69 Suspension Bondage FULL MOVIE AliceInBondageLand

Be careful what you say on the internet - a Mistress might be listening!

This whole shoot began as a conversation on the Internet. A fantasy about being bound into a 69 position turned into a discussion about location, logistics and seeking volunteers. Forced bi bondage blowjob? Music to this Mistress' ears! Two sissies stepped bravely forward to make my fantasy a reality.

If you were trapped in bondage and held hostage by a beautiful woman... would you let another man's cock into your mouth? What about a sissy cock? Is it less gay if it is in a threeway? What if everyone is wearing sexy panties? What if you change your mind? Is it already too late?

Open up! ...because you don't have a choice!

I am not going to stop tormenting these bondage crossdressers until they each drink a load of sissy semen!

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YOU BET YOUR DICK Chastity Card Game Part 1 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand High Stakes

Would you bet your dick in a card game?

One of my fans has suggested a fun new chastity game and I am eager to play it with him

I get to deal myself a hand of 5 cards and their value determines the number of days he must be kept in chastity... but look out for face cards or multipliers! You cold be spending a looooooooooong time locked into up!

His key has finally arrived, now it is time for this internet boy to find out his fate!

Care to play a little game with me?

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EXTREME Public Bondage Pride Flag Duck Tape Mummification Lesbian Humiliation FemDom Mistress

Pride Flag Mummification Denali FULL MOVIE AliceInBondageLand

I have been fantasizing about the Castro and Market pride flag pole since I was in highschool… in those days, gay kids were taped to the flagpole naked and mocked. I have something different in mind. We are here to reclaim our queer pride!

Hundreds of people photograph Denali Winter in her Pride Flag mummification bondage throughout the day of our “bondage art installation.” She is encased in shoulder-to-foot duct tape and cling film. I feed her a cookie to help keep her blood sugar up and then I gag her with duct tape over her mouth.

This is a ginormous rainbow flag at the busiest intersection of San Francisco. The sounds of the city and of local construction fill this video so you know it was the real thing in public!

Our scene quickly draws a crowd and I interview Denali for local news cameras. We get a blessing from “The Gay Betsy Ross” when he hears my story about high school gay bashing and how we are reclaiming it through perverted pride art.

It is a great excuse for an incredible bondage scene that is INCREDIBLY public! Only in Bondagelandand San Francisco!

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Sploshing Birthday Wish Foot Worship Food FemDom WAM Mistress AliceInBondageLand Feet Threesome

Birthday Wish FULL MOVIE Sploshing Foot Fetish AliceInBondageLand

We are making a delicious messy sundae to celebrate my slave's birthday... a sploshing, juicy, sticky FUN mess all over our FEET.

My slave has to blow out his candles from between the toes of the sexy Mistress Vivienne and then LICK his special birthday cake off of her sexy bare feet.

She is a delightful curvy and giggly bbw that is kinky and bubbly. I love the noises she makes as we cover her feet with syrup, caramel, whipped cream and strawberries.

We enjoy a sexy sploshing scene with a huge container of fresh-from-the-farm whole milk, heavy with cream, after our sub has had his fill, licking it off each other like hungry kittens! The noises, squeaks, squeals and moans she makes enchant me. I look forward to making a lot more videos with this sexy wench!

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Foot Worship Sploshing Lesbian FemDom Part 3 BBW Mistress Kinky Messy WAM AliceInBondageLand

Our scene degenerates into mutual cupcake crushing, sploshing and laughter as the sexy bbw and I roll around in our sticky foot fetish mess.

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High Heel Cupcake Sploshing Crushing Part 2 FemDom BBW Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Food Play Pt 2 High Heel Cake Sploshing Foot Worship AliceInBondageLand

Now it is Vivienne's turn to return the favor, feeding me a delicious custard pastry off of her well worn high heel shoes.

Her bright fuck-me-red stripper pumps draw the eye, and I relish the view and the flavor of her sexy feet and toes inside the slutty red shoes. I suck every drop of cream off of her stilleto heel like it was a strapon cock.

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Barefoot Sploshing Custard Cupcake Toe Sucking Foot Worship Lesbians Part 1 FemDom Mistress Alice

Food Play Pt 1 Barefoot Sploshing Custard Toe Sucking AliceInBondageLand

Feet and custard - two great tastes together at last!

I love the feel of crushing the pasteries beneath and between my toes almost as much as I love the feeling of Vivienne's tongue lapping up all the sticky goodness from my feet.

She has an incredible smile, an infectious giggle, a sexy full bbw bootie and a whole lot of enthusiasm! Now we both get to enjoy a treat!

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Foot Sploshing Food Play Lesbian Foot Worship FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Food Play FULL MOVIE Lesbian Foot Worship Sploshing Pantyhose AliceInBondageLand

I am totally inspired by the delicious treats at the local bakery and I keep flirting with Vivienne behind the counter at Medical Toys. Now, I get to combine the two in a delicious sploshing, foot fetish and shoe licking lesbian scene!

When I discover that Vivienne has a foot fetish to rival my own, I know I cannot leave town without filming with her.

First, I crush a custard cream pie beneath my bare feet and allow Vivienne to lick it off. Then, she returns the favor by stepping on pastries while wearing her sexiest high heel stripper shoes.

It turns into a lesbian sploshing free for all with gooey feet, shoes and faces. We wrap up the scene all messy and smiling!

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Dildo Fucking Humiliation Part 3 FemDom Mistress Jail Cell Bondage Lesbian Bisexual Cyberpunk Porn

Shibari Jail Cell Pt 3 Bondage Dildo Fucking AliceInBondageLand

No one can spend long in the Scorpion Queen's lair without confessing... or converting!

Siren might be a skilled computer hacker but bondage and dildo fucking will soon bring her over the edge into orgasm... and into my criminal sindicate. Soon she will be begging to serve me.

We string her up from within the cold, metal, inescapable bars of the metal prison cell with her legs spread wide and her arms spread eagle so there is no escape as we fill her holes. We fuck her until she's screaming, moaning and, finally, willing to serve us in EVERY way.

I reward her with a very special collar to symbolize our new covenant and I'm confident my slave will prove to be a very valuable addition to our team now that she has been sexually broken to my will.

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Interrogation Decker Hacker Cyberpunk Part 2 Lesbian FemDom Mistress Bisexual Jail Cell Bondage

Shibari Jail Cell Pt 2 Interrogation

Now that Siren is safely tied up inside of the Scorpion Queen's special prison cell, the real fun can begin. The computer hacker's interrogation takes a very sexual turn.

It is too late to let her go, since she has seen the inside of the secret lair, now her only chance to get out is reprogramming her to work for the Scorpion Queen's secret army!

Scorpion Queen is experienced with interrogation so she knows better then to give the little hacker time to concoct a convincing story. She has her minion spank, bind and torment Siren before even asking her any questions... the uppity nature of this little cyber terrorist will make her very fun to corrupt.

They are going to make her LIKE IT before the night is through. Breaking Siren's spirit until she becomes a willing servant of the Scorpion Queen's criminal sindicate.

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