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Alice in BondageLand - Lifestyle FemDom BDSM Fetis

Welcome down my kinky Rabbit Hole...

Authentic lifestyle femdoms, enthusiastic sadists, laughing fetishists, smiling dominant women. Movies cheerfully exploring male submission, chastity, crossdressing, strap-on, rubber, cbt, heavy bondage and fetishes with enthusiasm and lust!

Welcome behind the scenes and into the dungeons of the world's sexiest and most genuine lifestyle female dominants.

No bored-looking models here... we prefer real women showing off their real sex lives for the camera. Enthusiasm can't be faked or bought and it shows through in their smiles and eager, sadistic, sexual arousal.


Sissy Humiliation Chastity Sexual Use FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress Kinky Lifestyle Crossdresser

Rebel Girl Chastity FULL MOVIE CBT Facesitting Dildo

Chastity is a powerful motivator and mind-warper!

I only permit Rebel Girl to be unlocked from her captive-ball chastity device when the rest of her is tied up tight!

When she is unlocked from chastity, I make sure to include lots of cbt and tease/denial to remind her that it is about MY PLEASURE and not hers. Chastity sissies need to learn to please their owners first.

To keep it all about me, I lock my sissy into a dildo gag and force her to fuck me with her face... but not letting her taste a drop of my orgasmic pussy juices. The ultimate tease and denial!

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PUBLIC FemDom Boot Worship CBT Mistress AliceInBondageLand Las Vegas Casino

Adult Video Network Awards - PUBLIC BDSM Boot Worship

They say that whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas... unless it is on video!

Welcome to the AVN Tradeshow, where I have been the center of attention along with my submissive in head-to-toe rubber. It is the biggest mainstream porn convention in the world but my fetish companions and I still stand out as kinky and VERY noticable in full body latex.

Our rubber fetish wear attracts a lot of attention, questions and flirting from fans. At the end of the event, we find a vacant boot shine station to enjoy a little play with a public audience.

We had our own security detail for this one a kinky security guard was in on the whole scene so instead of asking us to leave, he encourages us to keep going and makes sure no one interferes with our playtime.

I want to send a special THANK YOU to my kinky security guard in Vegas. You made a hot scene even hotter by skillfully managing the crowd that gathered to watch our public humiliation, boot worship, scissoring, rubber and pantyhose scene unfold.

A perfect end to a great convention... see you next year!

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Chastity Sissy Maid Part 1 FemDom Mistress Minax Humiliation AliceInBondageLand

Puddles the Sissy Part 1 Intro Chastity Check AliceInBondageLand

I team up with Mistress Minax in this video shot in the kitchen of the Serious Bondage institute.

We check in with Puddles the sissy to make sure that his chastity device is secure. Along the way, we also discover just how sensitive his nipples are when exposed to a little bit of torture.

He is led out to the deck cell on a sunny day in San Francisco by a pair of laughing and very well hydrated femdoms!

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 06:22    Format: MP4    File Size: 120 MB    Clip ID: 28434

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Puddles the Wet Sissy FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress Rubber Latex Threesome WAM

Puddles the Sissy FULL MOVIE SD AliceInBondageLand

Puddles is an extra-kinky sissy with a "thirst" for exotic degradations.

We share taboo fantasies about watersports paired with inescapable bondage so I know it is going to be a good day to stay hydrated. Time to add latex fetish clothing, a sissy maid uniform and also time to invite a friend over for maximum mischief!

Mistress Minax joins me for a soggy day in the sun, featuring the famous Serious Bondage "deck cell" for our wet fantasies. we can just hose him down once we are done with him!

After all, no one has "perfect" aim! We are very glad that rubber is waterproof!

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 26:32    Format: MP4    File Size: 670 MB    Clip ID: 28569

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Cattle Prod CBT FemDom Cage Bondage Part 2 Mistress AliceInBondageLand Electricity

Ride the Lightning Pt 2 Cattle Prod

The lightning strikes are getting closer in the Texas storm and that inspires me to pick up a cattle prod to goad submissive number 9 into flinching and flailing inside the special metal cage full of pointed barbs.

I take him for a little "walk" as far as the cage will dangle in any direction using rope attached to his chastity device, relishing the opportunity to have a helpless prisoner literally "by the balls." We discuss his predicament so far and where we might want to take it next.

Pinned in place from every direction, this poor sub has nowhere to go to except right into more painful points... but he can't help flinching when I go after his balls relentlessly with my cattle prod. I enjoy shocking his sensitive inner thighs because of the way it makes him leap.

We call down the lightning in this fun clip, while everyone else was sleeping off the epic True Desires party.

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Category: Female Domination    Duration: 23:33    Format: WMV    File Size: 954 MB    Clip ID: 13135

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Metal Cage Suspension Bondage Part 1 FemDom Mistress Chastity Cattle Prod CBT Electrictiy

Ride the Lightning Pt 1 Sex and Metal Cage

It is "nap time" here at the True Desires femdom retreat in Dallas, but I can't sleep in the middle of a summer lightning storm.

In fact, I am inspired to launch some lightning of my own on a submissive who broke a dish of jelly at breakfast. Since he broke the dish when I pinched his nipple, I feel personally responsible for making him earn a "fail" stamp. Time for additional special training!

This Sex and Metal cage has captured my imagination in Maitresse Renee's dungeon because it is powder coated a brilliant "sports car" red but also because it uses locking pins to hold a submissive in place from ALL directions at once, making it a dangerous prospect to struggle for any reason... and making it extra fun to give subs a reason to struggle against the painful points.

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Category: Female Domination    Duration: 17:30    Format: WMV    File Size: 696 MB    Clip ID: 13133

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Ride the Lightning FULL MOVIE Hanging Cage Cattle Prod Chastity CBT FemDom Bondage Mistress

Ride the Lightning FULL MOVIE Hanging Cage Cattle Prod

There is a storm raging outside this Dallas dungeon and I intend to call down the lightning using a submissive, a special metal hanging cage and a fully charged CATTLE PROD.

This unique cage by Sex and Metal includes painful means of keeping a submissive COMPLETELY IMMOBILIZED using locking pins pressing against his flesh painfully. Like the basket of swords magic trick this gives the submissive literally nowhere to go to escape the sting of my homemade lightning bolts!

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Category: Female Domination    Duration: 40:49    Format: WMV    File Size: 452 MB    Clip ID: 13134

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Metal Bondage FemDom Threesome FULL MOVIE Mistress AliceInBondageLand Cage Rubber Latex Chastity

Mistress Gwen Freestorm brings her slave Onyx over to the Serious Bondage Institute to show off her slaves ultra-custom full body metal cage. We also enjoy an opportunity to collaborate with international bondage expert John Green from JG Leathers (creator of the Creature and other famous fucking machines and bondage devices).

Slave Onyx first needs to be dressed in latex from head to toe latex to protect him from the cold, inescapable metal. We zip him inside an industrial heavy rubber prison suit by Studio Gum that covers EVERY inch of him with built in gloves, all custom made with a built-in gas mask. He'll be totally immobilized once the cage is screwed down. There is absolutely no extra wiggle room for our helpless Onyx.

We share fun stories about chastity adventures along the way, since she and her slave are beta-testers of the Dream Lover 2000 long distance "male management system."

Once the cage is suspended from chains on an industrial swivel mount, we have him at our dizzying mercy.

Mistress Gwen and I use a wide range of "stimuli" to "provoke some responses" from our captive experimental test subject. I wonder how he will respond when we add breath control, pussy sniffing and special gas "treatments" to the mix...

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 21:54    Format: MP4    File Size: 422 MB    Clip ID: 30512

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PUBLIC Sissy Handjob City Park FULL MOVIE Crossdresser Chastity Humiliation Cumshot

Our scene unfolds in Golden Gate Park, the birds are tweeting as we open on a helpless sissy trapped in the clutches of a wicked schoolyard bully!

Behold! Our most daring public outdoor shoot yet!

Monika is a naughty schoolgirl but I am even naughtier in my authentic Japanese sailor suit school uniform.

I tie her down on a park bench at the overlook with two look-outs to make sure no one stumbles upon our scene in progress. When she is secure, I relish in humiliating her, taunting, teasing and tickling until I discover her hard cock beneath the many layers of petticoats and panties.

She has a surprisingly big dick for a sissy so there is NO way it will fit into a chastity device while still engorged. I know a "cure" for erections so I make her cum for me and then STUFF her softening cock into the CB6000 before she can change her mind!

This is your last orgasm, from now on you have to cum like a girl!!!

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 14:46    Format: MP4    File Size: 393 MB    Clip ID: 30800

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BBC Dildo Fucking Lesbian Threesome Part 2 FemDom Mistress Rubber Latex BBW AliceInBondageLand

Part 2 Big Black Cock - Inflatable Rubber Dildo BBC

Now that I have her attention with spanking and flogging, it is time to use a dildo to fuck the Princess.

I flog her curvy bbw ass and Miss Sage gives her a sensual bunny fur caress before we use the inflatable rubber big black cock to stretch her wet pussy nice and wide.

My rubber cock is inflated all the way but she grips it like a vice and eventually squirts it out. I make her lick her own juices to clean it up.

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 23:33    Format: MP4    File Size: 390 MB    Clip ID: 30822

Price: $7.99 USD

Lesbian Flogging Spanking Part 1 FemDom Mistress Threesome BBW Las Vegas AliceInBondageLand

Part 1 - Lesbian Flogging & Spanking

The Princess and I get to know each other with some spanking and flogging while her friend Miss Sage advises me on how to make this sexy lesbian masochist submit fully to pain and pleasure. Bondage helps, so does increasing the intensity. She responds well to pain!

She eggs me on with sarcasm and flirting, classic "S.A.M." behavior (Smart Assed Masochist), but the wiggling of her curvy ass makes up for her misbehavior.

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 17:41    Format: MP4    File Size: 342 MB    Clip ID: 30820

Price: $5.99 USD

Las Vegas Lesbians Flogging Threesome Dildo Strap-On Fucking FULL MOVIE

Miss Sage & "The Princess" Masochist

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... unless you have special permission from the Power Exchange Sex Club to film there.

Enjoy this fun glimpse into a rarely-filmed part of the bdsm underground of Las Vegas, Nevada. They opened their doors for one night only to anyone who wanted to film porn in their club as long as no money changed hands, pure "trade for footage" arrangements only. It was fascinating to see what models and producers came out of the woodwork to collaborate!

These two women stood out to me because they were lesbian lifestyle kinksters who regularly attended the night club even when there were no cameras involved. They play on an intense level of pain and pleasure!

When I take a turn, I do my best to send her into subspace and I know our next playtime will be even more severe now that I have seen how far her limits can be stretched. I love a bbw who can take a beating!

I enjoy getting to know Miss Sage and her Princess through spanking, floggers, pussy torment and eventually fucking her until she squirts out my big black rubber inflatable cock!

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 41:00    Format: MP4    File Size: 724 MB    Clip ID: 30819

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Pet Play Cat Girl Bondage FemDom Lesdom Lesbian Mistress Kitty NekoChan

Fancy the cat is a sexy human girl that loves cosplay, bondage and pet play.

Since she is relatively new to kink and bdsm we start with something fun... rope bondage in a modified hog tie (by request from one of our fans) with time to sit back and watch her enjoy the struggle.

I see how well she can wiggle by testing her in a little game of femdom fetch with her special jingle bell kitty toys!

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 12:46    Format: MP4    File Size: 276 MB    Clip ID: 31435

Price: $4.99 USD

Mistress Cherry Popper Pt 2 Strap-On Threesome FemDom Mistress BDSM Ebony BBw

Navia Takes a Cherry Pt 2 Alice Gets Her Chance

I agreed to let Mistress Navia take this slave's strap-on cherry when we found out he was a virgin, but I am not going to let him go without getting a piece of his ass too!

While locked into chastity, he is eager for stimulation and the Black Spankstress has cleared plenty of room in his man-pussy for my strap-on cock! It is only his first night out and already he's a slut!

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Category: Female Domination    Duration: 08:10    Format: WMV    File Size: 329 MB    Clip ID: 12900

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Navia Takes a Cherry Pt 1 StrapOn Virgin Ebony FemDom Humiliation Threesome

Navia Takes a Cherry Part 1 StrapOn VIRGIN

Be careful what you wish for! This skinny little white boy is about to get a hard-cocked lesson from Mistress Navia the Black Spankstress of Texas... and she doesn't play gentle!

Watch a dominant sadistic big black babe make this scrawny guy her bitch and pop his strap-on cherry in style... in front of an audience of dominant women and a camera!

I fuck his eager mouth while Mistress Navia takes his virginity. What a lucky boy - double penetrated on his first date!

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Category: Female Domination    Duration: 14:09    Format: WMV    File Size: 564 MB    Clip ID: 12898

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