Alice in BondageLand - Lifestyle FemDom BDSM Fetis

Alice in BondageLand - Lifestyle FemDom BDSM Fetis

Welcome down my kinky Rabbit Hole...

Authentic lifestyle femdoms, enthusiastic sadists, laughing fetishists, smiling dominant women. Movies cheerfully exploring male submission, chastity, crossdressing, strap-on, rubber, cbt, heavy bondage and fetishes with enthusiasm and lust!

Welcome behind the scenes and into the dungeons of the world's sexiest and most genuine lifestyle female dominants.

No bored-looking models here... we prefer real women showing off their real sex lives for the camera. Enthusiasm can't be faked or bought and it shows through in their smiles and eager, sadistic, sexual arousal.


Pet Play Cat Girl Bondage FemDom Lesdom Lesbian Mistress Kitty NekoChan

Fancy the cat is a sexy human girl that loves cosplay, bondage and pet play.

Since she is relatively new to kink and bdsm we start with something fun... rope bondage in a modified hog tie (by request from one of our fans) with time to sit back and watch her enjoy the struggle.

I see how well she can wiggle by testing her in a little game of femdom fetch with her special jingle bell kitty toys!

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Mistress Cherry Popper Pt 2 Strap-On Threesome FemDom Mistress BDSM Ebony BBw

Navia Takes a Cherry Pt 2 Alice Gets Her Chance

I agreed to let Mistress Navia take this slave's strap-on cherry when we found out he was a virgin, but I am not going to let him go without getting a piece of his ass too!

While locked into chastity, he is eager for stimulation and the Black Spankstress has cleared plenty of room in his man-pussy for my strap-on cock! It is only his first night out and already he's a slut!

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Navia Takes a Cherry Pt 1 StrapOn Virgin Ebony FemDom Humiliation Threesome

Navia Takes a Cherry Part 1 StrapOn VIRGIN

Be careful what you wish for! This skinny little white boy is about to get a hard-cocked lesson from Mistress Navia the Black Spankstress of Texas... and she doesn't play gentle!

Watch a dominant sadistic big black babe make this scrawny guy her bitch and pop his strap-on cherry in style... in front of an audience of dominant women and a camera!

I fuck his eager mouth while Mistress Navia takes his virginity. What a lucky boy - double penetrated on his first date!

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Strap-On Virgin FULL MOVIE BBC BBW Mistress Navia Takes a Cherry Pegging FemDom Threesome

Mistress Navia Takes a Cherry
Strap-On Virgin FULL MOVIE

Have you fantasized about loosing your anal virginity to a powerful woman that won't take "no" for an answer? What if she is bigger then you? What if she is stronger then you? What if there really is NO ESCAPE?

The first session of the True Desires femdom retreat in Texas also has some interesting "firsts" for the submissives involved. Number 9 was willing to admit to a curiosity about anal play and this scrawny little white boy is about to get a lesson in tough love from the Black Spankstress herself, Mistress Navia.

After watching her throw a grown man over her shoulder like a rag doll, I know this skinny guy doesn't stand a chance. His anal virginity won't last the night because I know how much Mistress Navia LOVES to collect cherries!

He seems to know that he's in for both a treat and a punishment, so tries to be on his very best, most obedient behavior. Poor number 9 tries to take it like a man. In spite of his efforts to be stoic, I enjoy seeing him shaking and straining in the bondage when her strap-on onslaught really begins.

This poor submissive is loosing his virginity in front of an audience of dominant women AND a camera. How will he take it? Will he be able to meekly take her whole dick or will he scream, cry and try to escape? Would you fare any better against Mistress Navia's relentless hands and big black cock?

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SissyAmy Sleepsack Part 2 Extreme Leather Bondage & Rope Immobilization

SissyAmy Sleepsack Part 2 Extreme Immobilization

The leather sleepsack and sensory deprivation hood leave poor SissyAmy completely helpless. Since San Francisco is prone to earthquakes, we strap her down on top of my bondage bed!

It is all for her own good, after all. My sissy has had a hard day of public humiliation and exposure and she needs her beauty sleep before Madame Suzanne comes over to pound her ass with the biggest dildo poor Amy has ever experienced!

I use all of the straps and then all of my rope to secure SissyAmy.

She cannot see.
She cannot hear.
She cannot move.
She cannot speak.

Now all of my friends can come over and plan her fate without interruption!

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CBT Saline Inflation Medical Mistress FemDom Humiliation Threesome

Scrotal Saline Infusion CBT with Mistress Serene

Who's got big balls? He's got big balls! In fact, these are the biggest balls of them all!

I have been into cock and ball pumping for a long time, but scrotal inflation using saline is new territory for me. Thankfully Mistress Serene Sin is VERY open to teaching new people all about this extreme medical clinic kink!

Once a year, dominatrixes from all over the world gather in Los Angeles for DomConLA. The classes are great but the eye candy is INCREDIBLE!

Mistress Serene taught an incredible saline inflation class for the masses, but agreed to give us a more private lesson and personal demonstration.

Now that his balls are ENORMOUS it will be a lot more fun to ball bust him. The scrotum is perfect for inflation since it is a perfect "purse" shape to hold fluids as well as testicles. Though breast inflation using saline is short lived, the results on his balls will last for several days!

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SissyAmy Sleepsack Part 1 Leather Encasement Bondage FemDom Mistress

SissyAmy Sleepsack Part 1 Encasement Bondage

Welcome to the world of hardcore, severe bondage... not for sex, but for COMPLETE immobilization.

This sleepsack has plenty of extra zippers to give me access to SissyAmy's tender pink bits, but her sex is locked up securely in an intense chastity belt to prevent any naughty thoughts or wandering hands.

The internal sleeves of this custom leather sleepsack will keep her hands even further out of harm's way and I tighten all of the straps a little EXTRA for her Mistress at home, who I know will be watching this movie.

Mistress Sindee, I hope you enjoy the show as we torment your real life sissy slut! Please send her to San Francisco for more training if she acts up again!

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SissyAmy Leather Sleepsack Nap Time HEAVY BONDAGE FULL MOVIE FemDom

SissyAmy Leather Sleepsack Nap Time HEAVY BONDAGE FULL MOVIE

SissyAmy has been sent here by far away Mistress Sindee for further bondage and chastity training, shes so excited!

We have worked her HARD for several days, making sure that she is under lock and key 24/7 with constant femdom supervision. She's taken massive strap-on cocks and been publicly humiliated at Wicked Grounds and on the Golden Gate Bridge, now is her nap time!

What better evening than to put her securely to bed with then this custom leather sleepsack from Mr S. The internal sleeves will make her unable to slip out to play with herself, still I add my whole rope collection for good measure.

Now she can barely struggle. Maybe this will finally help SissyAmy get her beauty rest?

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POV Mistress SPH Small Penis Humiliation Dildo

POV Alice SPH Small Penis Humiliation Dildo

In my previous interview, I showed you some truly HUGE cocks, but since no one really makes tiny dildoes I had to go make my own tiny penis model, using my sissy's clitty to make a mold.

I've seen women with clits this big... but then again, this is San Francisco.

It is a one-handed wonder. A cocklette or a dinky, not a cock or a dick.

Do you measure up?
Compare yourself to this truly tiny penis in this fun and candid sph (small penis humiliation) femdom pov video.

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POV Alice Custom Ball Busting Punishment Humiliation Confrontation

POV Alice Custom Ball Busting Punishment Threat

Oh sweetheart, you have made a BIG MISTAKE.
I bet you thought you could get away with it... maybe you thought I didn't read your Facebook feed?

You foolish little boy. Women talk to each other and I know exactly why your ex was so pissed off. Did you really think you could get away with posting her photos to the internet?

Your vengeance is backfiring a little now that she has tattled on you to all your female friends... we are PISSED OFF and it is time to take it out on your BALLS.

This dressing down femdom POV clip is full of threats and humiliation, demonstrating with toys exactly how I am going to bust your balls for this latest fuck up!

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PUBLIC Sissy Shopping Trip BDSM Sex Shop Mistress AliceInBondageLand FemDom

Sissy Amy Shopping Trip Mr S

All of my favorite bdsm gear comes from Mr S. It is not inexepensive, nor for the faint of heart, but since the old days of being known as "Fetters" their quality just cannot be matched.

I love going shopping there and they encourage bdsm, cruising, exhibitionism and trying on the gear before you purchase it (cock rings are so hard to size without actually putting the device on!). They are a PERFECT place to go shopping with my special sissy slut.

We explore their vast selection of METAL bondage gear and chastity belts... for those that need something truly inescapable. Ultimately, our goal is to find the perfect latex hood and I am certain we will find it here today...

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Handjob Strap-On hospital Part 6 FemDom Threesome

Strap-on hospital Part 6 - Cock Pumping Handjob

Gas mask therapy is a controversial addition to this medical procedure... but it allows us to add chemicals directly to the respirator if we want to medicate him quickly.

Under heavy, euphoric, sedation, he will do or say whatever we tell him to... and he will do ANYTHING to be permitted to have an orgasm now that he has been stuffed full of our strapon dicks. His pumped up cock is standing up on attention and has swollen to maximum harness.

His enlarged cock is just too pretty to keep locked up. The extra girth shows especially around his cock head, where the foreskin is holding as much as possible, swelling up almost bigger then the corona, the crown around his cockhead.

The final test of his enlargement is in the ejaculation... was our kinky surgery a success?

Can he still have orgasms with his new "enhanced" manhood?

We must find out if he can still squirt his seed before adding him to our stables for sexual use... otherwise he is no good for our top secret femdom breeding program.

The massive new girth of his pumped up cock is very promising and we have teased and tormented him for ours. Now let's find out if penis size effects semen volume!

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Big Black Cock Pegging Strap-On hospital Part 5 FemDom Threesome

Strap-on hospital Part 5 - Big Black Cock Pegging

My "friendly sized" strapon isn't enough to satisfy our patient's hungry hole now that we have stretched him out and pumped him up... it is time to see if he can handle something a little more substantial in his ass.

Naughty nurse Leila Valentina is packing a massive big black cock that looks great against her curves. Can our submissive patient take the whole thing in the name of medical science? Or will we have to drug him to stuff the whole cock into his tight hole?

Slowly, inevitably, under pressure from the head of her big cock, his ass starts to open up. A vibrator helps with the process of loosening him, even though this is the furthest he has ever been stretched.

Once her dildo is fucking his ass smoothly, I add a heavy gas mask and rebreather to his bondage to keep our patient properly sedated during ongoing "treatment."

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Anal Probing Strap-On hospital Part 4 FemDom Threesome

Strap-On hospital Part 4 - Anal Probing

Our patient has been responding positively to his treatment so far... which means he is ready for the "advanced" prostate stimulation exam.

My kinky nurse lifts the hydraulic birthing bed into the proper position with just a touch of her high heeled boot to the lever. The bed rises in smooth silence, disorientating our patient even more. He will agree to ANYTHING now that his cock is pumped up to maximum harness.

His cock has doubled in size inside of the pumping chamber and that gets me VERY excited.

We begin fingering his ass, probing, massaging and delving deeper until we are massaging his prostate directly. At first, one finger is all that will fit. The leather creaks as he struggles and moans, but all the locking medical straps keep him restrained as we stroke, stretch and finally fuck his little slut asshole with our strap-on cocks.

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Small Penis Humiliation Strap-On hospital Part 3 SPH FemDom Threesome

StrapOn hospital Part 3 - Small Penis Humiliation

Please refrain from tapping on the glass. That poor penis trapped inside the pumping apparatus needs to rest from its prolonged stretching treatment.

After all, a little cock like this sure needs its beauty rest if it is going to grow up to be big and strong like my thick hard strap-on.

I use my dildo to demonstrate just how tiny his poor little dickie was before we began these penis augmentation procedures. The difference is startling and dangerous to his ego so I need to remind him that there are still bigger cocks in the world.

In fact, I think a great way to emphasize the smaller size of his cock is to fuck him up the ass with one his size first, then a REAL MAN's cock next. Good thing I have my trusty naughty nurse Leila Valentina on hand to weild this big black cock.

When I line up the two different sized dildoes, I find that he's grown to be the perfect middle size between the two sizes. He's almost big enough to be let out of chastity now... but not quite! Enjoy this special medical sph scene from a specialized ward in Strap-On hospital.

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