Adult Baby ABDL Mommies Infantilism

Adult Baby ABDL Mommies Infantilism

Diaper Punishment, mean ABDL mommies that make you wear diapers for being a bad boy! Also some nice loving sweet AB mommies as well that love cuddling their big ABY's

Teacher diapers you in front of clas ABDL

You're in Miss Nyxons class & she's barely started the day when you can't hold your pee any longer & wet your pants in front of the class. Miss Nyxon is in disbelief at first & then asks you if you really just wet your pants... AGAIN!? This isn't the first time you've done this & since you have such a hard time controlling your bladder, the teacher has come prepared for this in case it happens again! She pulls out a big diaper bag & plops it right on her desk, telling you to come to her desk, showing off your wet piss pants to the class. She's going to put you in DIAPERS in front of the entire class today, turning it into a home ec class to show all the girls how to diaper a big baby! She lays down the changing pad & tells you to get on it, pulling off your pee pants & putting a nice cushy thick Bambinos on your butt. She loudly explains to the class what she's doing every step of the way while admonishing & embaressing you. She takes a leather paddle out & spanks you & then puts the diaper on. She gives you toys to play with & then puts on a nice cozy onsie before giving you your bottle & taking questions from the class. No #2 in your pampers... only pee-pee! She's going to take you to the school assembly like this & hold you hand so everyone will know what a pissy boy your were. Diaper discipline punishment and humiliation

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ABDL Suppository and messing your diaper Arielle

Arielle is concerned that you haven't pooed in a couple days and that you're backed up! But she has a solution, she has a suppository for you! She's going to open your diaper, lube up her finger with baby oil and insert that WAY up your bum bum & closes your diaper back up. It's your feeding time so she starts feeding you applesauce but half way through, you feel your bowels start to loosen up & you're embaressed to mess your diaper in front of such a hot mom... but you can't hold it in and you start FILLING YOUR DIAPER! She sees your "p00 face" and watches intently as you mess your diapee in front of her, encouraging you to push hard & get every last bit out! She reaches back to feel your mess & also puts her hand on your front as you also wet your nappy good! She's so close & it's intimate as her hands feel your wet & messy dip. Then she changes you, stinky butt, and it takes like a zillion wipes to get you clean! Lotsa powder and a nice fresh dip on your bum bum!! Sexy intimate moments with your new ABDL mommy

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ABDL Mommy Missy sissifies baby DJ

ABDL Mommy Missy comes in and is super angry about the big mess he made in the kitchen. DJ denies it so she threatens him with a paddling... but he still denies it so she starts paddling his butt and spanking legs under his nappy's. She's so tired of bad baby boys that,as punishment, she's going to dress him like a girl! in a huge padded Nappy cover and a purple satin dress! then she's gonna take him out to walmart like that!

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Nurse Whitney spanks and diaper you for wetting

You wet your pants in class so the teacher sends you to the nurses office, Ms. Whitney. She's a stern, yet attractive woman who looks dissaprovingly at your wet pants. it's school policy to call your mom when this happens and the next step is to diaper you since your pants are soaked and so is your "big boy" undies that you can't keep dry. She calls your mom & asks for permission to diaper you since that's the policy and she agrees. BUT your mom gives her some additional info which Whitney is surprised at but readily agrees. After hanging up, she takes off your peed pants and takes out the wooden spanking stick! Your mom gave her permission to spank you!! She does so while scolding you. Then she takes the diaper bag out and pulls out a nice cushy dipee! She wipes you, powders and diapers you! Because your pants are wet, you'll have to wear just your Tshirt and diapers in class. You must come back at lunch period so Nurse Whitney can diaper check you too!

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Nice AB Mommy Cheyenne Diaper Change and reading

Sweet ABDL Mommy Cheyenne Jewel comes in to diaper check DJ and sees that he's wet & changes him, putting on a nce thick awsocute. Then they talk about future plans as he lays with his head in mommy's lap and she gives him his boba. Then it's reading time and they go over to the floor so she can read to him. Soon after, it's back in the crib so he crawls back in while she goes to go grown up stuff. Life of an AB!

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ABDL Public Diaper Punishment Jassie

For all AB's and DL's that like embaressing public scenarios and being put into a diaper in a restaurant.
You've wet your pants... AGAIN! And jassie isn't putting up with it, that's why she brought the diaper bag, just in case. She's going to lay down the blanket and diaper you right there in the corner of the restaurant floor! While you're lying there with your bare bum exposed, the waitress comes by & is shocked. Jassie apologizes for your wetting & the waitress is concerned about pee getting on the seats. Jassie finishes diapering you and you have to sit there in bare diapers since your pants are pissy. The waitress comes back & Jassie requests MILK in your pink boba. Jassie is going to feed you baby food in front of everyone & also give you your bottle. How embaressing! Just a short embaressing video of you getting diapered.

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Mina Diapers you & Hitachi while housekeeping watches

For all your AB's that love a firm mommy diapering you and forced hitachi over your diapers.
Your GF wakes up beside you but she reaches over and feels that the sheets are WET. OMG... she discovers you TOOK YOUR DIAPER OFF in the middle of the night and wet the bed. she's furious and grabs her spanking stick! She wacks your bare behind and is about to give you more whacks when the hotel employee comes in with extra pillows you had wanted. She's shocked at what she's seeing & Mina is super apologetic, explaining that you're SUPPOSED to be diapered but you were naughty and now there's pee on the bedsheets. The hotel lady is so stunned that she can't stop watching & Mina says that's perfectly alright. Mina puts a new fresh diaper on you & then explains that since you must stay diapered all the time, you're going to have to cum in your diaper as well & pulls out the pink hitachi which she holds over your diaper. Not only did this stranger hotel employee see you totally naked, she also saw your girlfriend put a huge adult diaper on you and now you're going to CUM in your diaper!?!?! The lady starts taking pictures and laughing because she's never seen anything so crazy! You can't help but make stickies in your diaper really fast!

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Sweet AB Mommy Constance diaper change breastfeeding

Meet sweet ABDL Mommy Constance as she comes in to check her big baby, take you out of your crib and check your thick diapers! Guess what!? They're wet! time for a dipee change with mommy. Very natural acting in a good pace to follow along to. Time to pick a onsie! and then it's feeding time... she gets out the baby food but you start fussing... you want mommy milk!! Wahhhh... ok fine, you get mommys boobie again! Ugh... it's time to start weening you off mommy milk but she just can't say no to your cute face! After sucking on mommy's boobie, it's story time & she reads to you: "Do you wear Diapers?" Yes you sure do and you love it!! Mommys gotta run out to do some adulting so you play in your nursery playroom

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Spanked by Friends Mom who Discovers your Diapers

For all SPANKOPHILES who enjoy diapers and diaper lovers! This is a fantastic spanking scenario with great acting from Whitney! You're at a friends house playing around. You're wearing diapers under your pants since you can't control your peee or poopoo very well but your friend doesn't know your diaper secret. You accidentally break a crystal vase & his mom STORMS into the room & demands to know who broke it! It wasn't her son so it must be YOU! She tells her son to get the spanking stick since in this house, we spank on the bare bottom still! She says the words spanking, bare bottom smacking & lots of juicy wording as she makes you stand in the corner & pulls down your pants to reveal your DIAPERS! Not only are you wearing diapers... but you MESSED them too & now your friends sexy mom is going to know ALL your secrets, that you messed your diapers while she was yelling at you! She spanks & smacks your bare bottom til it's red! Then she realizes she needs to put a new fresh diaper on you & asks her son to grab the diaper bag from when he used to wear diapers. She puts on a nice fresh, thick disposable on your red sore tushy and then tells you boys to behave! Super embaressing as Whitney discovers your diapers as well as the fact that you messed them, stinky boy!

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Jassie & Lynn Discover your Diaper Secrets ABDL

You open the door & the girls loving across from you are at your door. They're giggling, daring eachother to ask the question of the day... "do you wear diapers or something?" because they had seen you coming in with your tshirt up, exposing the tops of your disposable diapers! Lynn (curly hair) laughs and reaches down, patting your front, and SHRIEKS, omg he IS wearing diapers while Jassie looks shocked! they look past you & sees all your ABDL gear on the floor (because you were having play time) and run into your living room without your permission. THey start grabbing your AB stuff & commenting on how cute it is. They feel your diaper again & thinks it feels full & wet so it's wet diaper change time!!! You've never been changed by one girl, let alone two giggling girls from next door, but you don't really have a choice now do you? What are you going to do? Call the cops & tell them they found your diapers & now you need them kicked out? LOL. They think it's cute and start treating you like a baby, using cute words and even a wittle baby talk too!

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Diaper Lover GF Jade Discovers Your Diaper Secrets

Your new GF Jade comes into your apt when you accidentally left the door open and you fell asleep on the couch... while wearing your PAMPERS! She doesn't know your secret and you hadn't planned on telling her but you wake up when she sits down beside you. You quickly wrap your blanket around you but she sees your suspicious behavior and quickly whips the blanket off to show your DlAPERS! She's surprised and has a lot of questions of course. You even have your diaper bag beside the couch so she starts pulling stuff out of it. She thinks a lot of it is cute & the diapers are adorable. She puts your onsie on you & finds your bottle. SHe naturally goes into the maternal role & gives you your bottle. SHe sniffs and diaper checks you & it's a wet soaked diaper! You tell her you like how it feels when she offers you a diaper change. You're SO HARD under your wet diaper and starts rubbing yourself. Jade sees this and thinks it's cute! She even wants to help you while giving you words of encouragement to cum in your diaper & giggling.

Even though there are a few AB elements to this video, this is good for Diaper Lovers too as there's no baby talk, just your GF discovering your diapers and rubbing

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Sweet loving ABDL Mommy diaper change Terra Mizu

After a slew of mean AB Mommies and lots of diaper punishment and humiliation, what better way to cheer up for the holidays than to have a nice soft, sweet and LOVING adult baby mommy like Terra to wake you up, diaper check you and change your wet nappy? She loves to joke and have fun with you, taking off your old pissy pampers and breaking out a nice thick Bambinos to cover your tushy! She's gonna take you to Chuck E Cheese later but first you gotta drink your boba. then it's fun playtime with toys and she reads you a little story too! Lots of happiness with your AB Mommy!! Kisses sweetie pampers boy.

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INEEDAMOMMY ABDL Babysitter has to change stinky diaper Cheyenne

Cheyenne took a babysitting job from the neighbor lady thinking it would be easy money and a REAL baby. Well when she got there, to her surprise, she has to babysit a fully grown man, in diapers and in a huge adult sized crib! She immediately goes on the phone to call her girlfriend to tell her of this weird situation and laugh about it. Baby DJ is acting like his baby self and has to go #2. He pushes it all out into his thick adult diaper, making grunting noises. Oh man.... Cheyenne has no choice but to attempt to change his stinky messy diaper... *sniff sniff* PU, he stinky!!!! Wow, what a smell. She is disgusted as she takes off his diaper and has to use lots of wipes. (nothing is shown, just implied) Cheyenne has to put on a new fresh diaper but she definitely softens up and is a LOT nicer when she sees how cute & adorable baby DJ is being. He wants a hug & she even gives him a real cuddly hug!! ABDL Babysitting isn't so bad or weird after all! ABDL Mommy, infantilism ageplay and diaper changes

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ABDL Made to Wear Diapers Diaper Punishment Cheyenne Jewel

Infantilism and Adult nappies, ABDL ageplay regression with Cheyenne Jewel & DJ. Cheyenne is tired of her husband always wetting the bed and has decided on a alternative treatment, by putting him in nappies and treating him just like a BB, against his will! She drags him into Changing Times Dlaper Co (located in Las Vegas, NV) where Mommy Missy greats them & shows her different adult dlaper products, plastic pants and accessories around the store. DJ throws a fit so Cheyenne has to grab him by the ears and threaten a spanking. They pay for the nappies and leave but as soon as they get home, CHeyenne puts DJ over her knees for an OTK spanking til his tushy is red! She makes him get on the bed and takes off his big boy pants (which are thankfully dry!), putting him in a thick cushy dry disposable DIAPER!!! He's protesting all the way but she INSISTS this is the only way to go and a good solution. She gives him a binkie so he stops complaining and also put a HUGE pink padded diap3r cover, plastic pants over his tushy

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ABDL Babysitter Nikki changes messy diaper

Your sweet ABDL adultbaby babysitter Nikki is reading a fun Pony story to you and then she notices a very stinky smell! PEEE-YOU!! Is that smell coming from your Nappy? Well it happens but she'd like a little bit of warning next time there's a big explosion like that! She matter of factly changes your brown mess in there....having to use lots of B*** wipes to get that bum nice & clean before spreading Nappy rash cream in there & then powdering you! Nice dry clean tushy now!! Now it's boba time before she gets you dressed to go to the park! Such a sweet babysitter, yet so embaressing when you had your little mess... Infantilism, ageplay, nappy fetish, Nappy fetish, age play, adultbaby

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ABDL Sweet Mummy Caroline Cummy Diapers

YOu're in your wooden crib sleeping and your sweet mommy Caroline Pierce comes in to diaper check you. The excitement as she comes in & opens your crib is the best because you know she's going to feel your full soggy diaper in a second! She can smell your pissy soaked dipee too!! PU! You need a change.... you secretly like sitting in your soaked pee diaper but it feels nice when mum wipes your wee wee & powders you to put a cushy new pamper on your tushy! She gives you lots of love & smiles and toys of course!! It's so fun to have a sweet loving mommy doting on you. She sees you're rubbing your diaper down there so she encourages you and even helps you rub over your diaper so you can make cummies in them!! Filmed at the nursery in Las Vegas!

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