Abused by girls

We are university students from the Czech Republic, who love to humiliate boys.


Lick my dirty shoes and eat toenails!

This slave comes to my apartment once a week to clean the bathroom. He is a complete loser who never gets anything, but this time I felt like humiliating someone, so I tied him up with saran wrap and my belt and I put a gag in his mouth. I got so excited by his helplessness I decided to record his humiliation. Unfortunately there was noone to hold the camera... In the next ten minutes I made the loser lick the bottoms of the shoes I had worn in the city. He couldn't take so much street dirt in his mouth and started spitting it out, which made me angry and I rubbed his spit all over his face. He was begging me not to put the dirt in his eyes, but I didn't really care and laughed at him outloud. Then I had him unlace my shoe and take off my sock with his teeth. The woolen socks were nasty after I had been wearing them for two days. The slave had to lick my bare feet (my favourite massage), while I was trimming my toe nails. I took care to put all the nail clippings in his mouth. He would certainly spit them out if I stopped paying attention, so I put a gag in his mouth again. Being gagged there's no way he could spit the nails out. The clip ends here, but I left the slave bound and gagged for another hour, before I inspected his mouth to make sure he had swallowed all the street dirt and nail clippings! I will be happy, if you like the clip :-) Miss Tina.

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Miss Zuzana crushes chockolade candy downtown (HD 720p)

Zuzana is a nineteen years old model who is on her way to a photo shooting session for a German calendar. She is in a hurry and it is very cold outside, but she agrees to crush some candy with her pretty designer shoes. In the first part of the clip you can admire her shoes and legs from various angles as she is strolling through the streets of Prague. Then she comes across some chockolade candy on the ground and she decides to crush it. She crushes most of the frozen candy slowly with her toes and she crushes the last piece fullweight with her heel. Her soles are now soiled with chockolade and she shows it to the camera in the end. Do you want to lick the soles clean? She might let you in the next clip, if you want.

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Bootslave for dominant university students (HD 720p)

Miss Veronique and Miss Tina are university students who keep their personal slave in their dormitory room. They are coming home from a lecture and there is a lot of melting snow mixed with filth and salt in the streets. The girls don't worry about getting their boots too dirty, because they have the slave to lick them clean. They keep the slave wrapped in saran wrap, so he cannot escape. When the girls come home he is lying helplessly on the floor and they scrape the soles of their boots on his body. Then one by one he has to lick their boots. Poor slave! The boots are dirty with street filth and salt. After he has cleaned them well enough the girls kick the slave into a corner and laugh at his misery.

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