Ladies loving Latex, PVC, Humiliation, Face Slapping, Forced Crossdressing and Strap-On.


Punshingball for 2 Ladies

This slave moron was so disgusting and provocating that Roxanne and Serena gave him an ultimate beating that he never forget so soon. When they were finished with him they kick him out with their boots.

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Addicted To Her Legs

Some weeks later I have got an answer from Model Roxanne. She is a 5,8 tall redhead with fantastic long legs. She brought a lot of fetish wardrobe and delicious heels and boots with her.
I had the idea to worship every pair of them. Here she is wearing a skintight black wetlook dress and shiny pantyhose. Watch how much she enjoied a man on his knees kissing and licking her high heels.
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Now Lick My Boots

"Now Lick My Boots" ! said Model Serena after she gave me the most extreme face slapping session I have ever got.She made me so submissive that I can`t resist and feel like a real slave to her.
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Model Serena Finished Her MakeUp

So amazing to watch how this sexy woman doing her makeup. While she was doing that I lay on the floor with my cam and filmed this like a secret voyeur. Sometimes she look very arrogant to me and I wished she would never stop doing this.
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Face Slapping From Model Serena

When we were finished with making our sexy solo clips Serena asked me if I would like to know her other talents. I asked her to explain what she has in mind, and she told me she has already do some femdom clips in the past and how I think about to tryout some of her favourite practices. I told her I am not a true maso and what could we do. She asked me if I would agree to a little fetish performance in which she also slap my face with long black latex rubber gloves. This sounds sexy to me and not to hard (later I knew don't underestimate petite blonde girls).In no time I took place on a seat and let the things go up.
When she has finished me off, my face was fireengine red and still burns on next day...

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Model Serena Dress Up In PVC

As an admirer of young girls in sexy outfits I wanted to do some sexy clips in POV Style.So I wrote to some models which I found in the web if they are interested for a private fetish shooting.
The first one appears was Serena.A blonde german beauty with a nice round ass and well trained body from many exercise like belly dancing and gym workouts.
She also brought some sexy outfits with her and we start to make some clips with her posing in them.
Here is one in which she dress up skintight pvc pants and a sexy top.
When she start moving and posing in front of me I had problems not to shake with the cam...

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Model Serena Try Some Outfits

Here Serena was not sure which top suits better to her red laced wetlook leggings. She changed them here three times, looking at herself very critical in the mirror, it was so amazing to watch her natural vanity that I think it's worth a look.

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