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Ass eater orgy

This one is off the scale. It's an all out ass eating party featuring 2 of the sexiest girls you will ever see anywhere (Dylan Ryder & Candice). This one starts out with them eating the GUYS ASSES!!! After that the do an "ASSTRAIN" and everyone is eating each others ass for an outright ass eating orgy!

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Ass Entree

The delicious ass of 59 year old French superstar Lady Marie is forced upon this ass slave. He doesen't seem to mind to much though as he feasts upon her asshole like a fine Entree. The more he licks the more she gets turned on and she begins to push harder upon his face and you can see his face turning red and then blueish from lack of air but he still licks and enjoys this mistreatment because her ass is so delicious!

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Leanna Hart and Lindsay Layne have a hungry slave under their power and they make him clean there asses like a good boy. First Leanna's asshole is cleaned and licked as Lindsay spreads it wide for slave to get inside her ass good with his toungue and then it is Linsay's turn as Leanna spreads open lindsay's ass cheeks nice and wide and orders slave to lick deep making sure to clean it good. It's back and forth until there asses are nice and clean and then they make him eat both their asses together as they smother him with there firm ripe asses.

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Eat that ass you dumb fuck!

Gemini is in a mean smothering mood as she orders her slave to clean her ass with his toungue.

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Pantyhose fart eater

G-spot is wearing her hot seamed panties and is looking very hot but hubby is late coming home and she is not happy. She has a little gas and hes going to have to be punished for coming home late. He's forced to clean her ass and she farts in his face and tells him to shut up and keep cleaning! EAT THAT ASS!

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Gspots demanding ass

When Gspot wants her ass cleaned you had better listen.

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Your my bitch now and I want my ass cleaned too!

Dia lets her slave know that her ass is especially ripe and sweaty today and declares him her bitch and forces him to lick it clean. Lea enters and asks Dia "who is cleaning your ass today? I want mine cleaned too!" and Dia orders her ass slave bitch to clean Lea's dirty asshole also. The the ass bitch slave is made to eat both the girls asses. HOT!

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