Taller, bigger, stronger - these girls are not average, they are AMAZONS.


Those shameless little girls won't give it up so easily. After the last beating they got from Big Momma they visited the gym even more than before. They just couldn't bear that terrible licking they received from her, and desperately want to beat her up. They put together all the strength, all the braveness, and just attacked her again. She was impatient this time, and immediately retaliated the little annoying "mosquitoes".

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Charlotte has been looking forward to turning Trampelina into a Show Horse, and with the help of Mei-Mei and China Doll, it looks liek she finally has her chance. Mei-Mei stands on his back while he is forced to crawl around the room on all fours. Seems difficult, but that is just the warm-up. Charlotte joins Mei-Mei on his back and now he must carry both of them on his back! He struggles to make it around the room but he manages to do it. Now for the real test. With Mei-Mei standing on his back, and Charlotte riding his shoulders, they add China Doll to the mix and now he has the weight of three fully grown women on his back! He struggles to walk around the room with the intense weight but still manages to do it! The girls are set on crushing Trampelina so they form a tower on his body by having Charlotte sit on his shoulders as Mei-Mei sits on hers! This is an unbelievable display of strength and must be seen to believe!

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In a painfully agonizing display of stupidity, this idiotic slave allows four women to stand on, stomp, and crush his worthless little body. And when the women start going on each others shoulders and standing on his chest, it is only a matter of time before his ribs start cracking! The girls use their amazing body strength to hoist each other up on their shoulders and prance around on the cowardly fragile slave. To be able to lift up a grown woman with such ease and then have the strength to balance themselves while standing on a slave is simply amazing!

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Trampelina is back and at it again. Chinadoll catches him taking a nap, laying down in HER apartment. Man is he gonna get it. She immediately grabs a step ladder and goes for a surprise test of his strength. After the first couple of tries, jumping with her whole body weight down on him, she is not convinced she is doing it right, and you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Trampelina is looking pretty smug while she tramples him, thinking he's got it easy, but then along comes Cathy, Chinadoll's much larger roommate to see what all the noise in the apartment is about. When she sees what is going on, Chinadoll has to invite her to try, it is the polite thing to do! Now Trampelina is in for it because the girls make a competition of who can jump on him the most times in a row!

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Since Paco was not able to fix Sophia and Angel's cable, they are going to punish him for his inactions. They stomp his face in body with their mighty feet and legs, and you get to watch it from his perspective! Seeing those long legs crushing down on you is like a living nightmare, and her long body towers over you like a skyscraper. Sophia's treatment isn't any nicer. Her massive legs and thighs crush Paco's puny body as she looks down at him in disgust. Having these massive women looking down at you as their bodies tower high above yours is definitely a sight to be seen - but luckily for you it is from the safety of your chair!

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Kerry really hates being lifted and carried around. She's refusing, arguing about it, finally trying to run away - nothing works on the Queen of the Gym. When she wants to lift, she definitely will. Nobody dares resisting her, even strong Kerry is forced into being her lifting subject. Although Kerry is not so light, fully muscled and not an extremely skinny girl, she picking her up with ease and elegance. Kerry stop begging at that point, continues with swearing and complaining. One time she manages even running away, but still returns, because who would really be so crazy to out-brave an Amazon? Kerry is a smart girl.

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Melissa is such a small girl but she desperately wants to prove that she can lift her beautiful, big friend Eva. But she doesn't stand a chance! She tries so hard, but she doesn't even manage to lift one of Evas legs. Eva feels sorry for her cute little friend so she shows her how it's done. She just loves swinging Melissa around and piggy backing her around the room. She can even hold her in her arms like a tiny baby.

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Big trouble in the gym. A newcomer girl took over Big Momma's locker and she's furious. She's confronting the shameless girl and she aggressively react, still wants to keep that locker, because "she likes it". Big Momma then changes her attitude, and simply overpowers her. The new girl has no clue who she started, although she has a bit of luck, when she figures out, that Big Momma is ticklish. That's still not enough for her to win over the game, and finally after some quick enthralling actions the girl gives it up and promises to return and never touches again her locker.

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Ricky must be a pretty sweet boy to fool with the hearts of these to foxes. Gaby and Renee are trying to sort out which of them deserves the boy more, but when push comes to shove they decide to let the strongest have him! So it's a lifting match and Renee's big mouth is going to be put to the test. When Gaby easily lifts her over her head, with a fireman carry and over the shoulder and leaves Renee in the dust without a hope. But they're both good sports and decide to hang out after Gaby gives Renee a reverse piggyback back to the hot spot.

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When a woman wants you to strip, you just have to do it. When a big beautiful woman wants you to do that you cant waste any time but do it immediately. If you would be so silly not doing that than you have to accept the consequences, like this silly little guy. Big women are too powerful to resist and they like spanking small cute resistant guys over the knee until they don't change their mind and turn totally obedient. And that always happens, sooner or later all of them has to understand the meaning of submissive male property of the Mistress.

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Little Lexi is going to give Jasmine a BIG surprise! When an argument breaks out over Lexi dating Jasmine's ex, Lexi is going to prove to her that he is now her man. She uses her surprising amount of strength to lift her roommate over her head! Her roommate is shocked at the strength of her skinny roommate, and begs to be let go. Lexi puts her back down, but Jasmine continues to open her big fat whining mouth so Lexi is forced to lift her again! This time she is not going to let her down until the situation is resolved - but it could be awhile.

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Sofia is a very tall and large lady, and large ladies need to eat a lot of food to stay happy, so she ordered a few pizzas. Little Paco is the delivery man, and when he realizes how big she is, he cannot believe his eyes. He drops the pizza and hugs her, even though his arms are too small to even reach all the around her. He rests his little head in her massive breasts, which is easy to do as they are all his head reaches standing up! Sofia insists that Paco is just too small for her, but he persists. He gets down on his knees and worships her enormous ass, caressing it softly as he begs her to give him a chance. He stands behind her, and is completely hidden by her gigantic body. He’s never been so turned on his life! Paco better bring her a lot of pizzas if he wants to be with this large lady!

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Since Chris has been working out lately he wants to test himself against a well trained lifting master, but since he doesn't know anyone else he calls his friend Stan. They have a little test of strength starting with an easy piggyback, then an upside down carry over the back, an over the shoulder, and a fireman. Chris gets a little full of himself, but he still has a lot to learn. So Stan cradles him like a baby and they go for ice cream!

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Lexi knew that there would be a new girl arriving at her school, but she had no idea she would be so tall! Massive Monika is so tall that she would probably even tower over the teacher! Lexi looks up at her incredibly tall body in complete awe. They compare their very different parts such as their arms, legs, hands - and Monika's hands are nearly double the size! These girls are complete opposites, but they will try to be friends nonetheless - even though Big Monika looks like she is four grades higher!

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Individually both of them failed to lift up the big and strong friend, who's the queen of the gym they go to practice. Now they decided to try together, joined their strength and expertise. The big girl is still telling them they won't be able lifting her up, especially not spinning her around...they don't want to hear it. At first they show their talent by lifting each other, and they get compliments for that. Then they try together....and again....and again.....and then they end up being her lifting subjects again. What a life! Nothing works, they just can not lift her.

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Michael doesn't think that his girl Lynn is as strong as she claims to be, so she is eager to prove him wrong. They take turns lifting each other up, mimmicking each other's lifts, and Lynn is surprisingly able to do some tough lifts! Her arms are obviously packed with muscle as she carries Michael's heavy body around the deck with ease. But Michael starts to do some pretty intense lifts, and Lynn isn't sure if she is going to be able to keep up. Either way, they impress each other so much that they re-discover their love for one another and decide to take all the strength they have and put it to good use in the bedroom!

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