Q. Is my purchase secure and discreet?
A. Yes. Your credit card information is forwarded to our billing company through a secure encrypted connection and we do not store it anywhere on our location. Your purchase will appear discretely as BDMEDIA on your credit card bill. We take our customers privacy and the safety of their data very seriously.


Q. What happens after I purchase a clip?
A. If you don't already have an account on meanclips.com, you can choose a password on the checkout page. Your account will then be created, which simply consists of an email and a password. Once you purchase clips, you can login using your email and the password you chose, and download the clips you purchased.


Q. I didn't get a confirmation email!
A. It is possible that your email provider mistakenly labeled the confirmation email as spam and placed it in the Spam (sometimes called Bulk) folder. Please check for an email with the subject: "Mean Clips - Email Confirmation". If you still cannot find it, you can have it resent here.


Q. How long do I have to download the clips I purchased?
A. You have 3 days to download the clips. If due to some technical problems you do not get all the clips you purchased in time, simply email us and we can extend your download window as needed.


Q. How can I play the clips after I download them?

A. The clip format is specified for each clip. Many current video players will play majority of the clips we support. Some free video players we recommend:


Microsoft Media Player, VLC, Real Player, Media Jukebox, QuickTime, SMPlayer


We don't provide links here as they might change over time but they can be easily found by entering the names into any search engine.


Q. What should I do if I have problem downloading the clip?

A. You should contact us: SUPPORT FORM. We will respond as quickly as possible and work with you on resolving the problem. If we don't resolve it by the time your download window expires, we will extend it as necessary.


  Q. Why does my credit card account show a transaction even though it was DECLINED?

A. Unfortunately this is something we have to deal with a lot, so we added a FAQ entry to clarify what happens.

If your transaction doesn't go through and we show that the bank has DECLINED (usually with BAD ADDRESS as the reason), this means that your card has ABSOLUTELY NOT been charged by us.

The usual case when this happens is when YOUR bank has approved the transaction, but OUR bank has declined it (because the address or other info you entered is not an exact match). This is normal as different banks have different security criteria.

Since your bank approved the transaction, it shows up on your account (in "Pending" state but they may not show that) until it gets removed automatically, usually after 3 business days.

We think that this is strange way to do it, but it has nothing to do with us and there is nothing we can do about it. It is just how banks operate with each other.

If you are still concerned about the transaction showing up on your account after it was declined, please contact your bank or credit card company to clarify.



Q. What should I do if I have downloaded the clip but have problem playing the clip?

A. You should contact us. We sell the clips uploaded by the third party producers so we do not choose the format of the clip but we will work with you and with them to get the problem resolved.


Q. What should I do if I can play the clip but I am not satisfied with it?

A. You should contact us using this SUPPORT FORM. Please note that for each clip the seller provides: animated gif containing 8 scenes from the clip, a 15 sec preview clip, description of the content as well as data showing length, format and other information about the clip. IF those are misleading and substantially different from the contents of the clip, we will work with you and the seller to resolve the issue.


Q. How should I report inappropriate content?

A. If you notice any content that you believe is illegal, offensive or otherwise inappropriate, you can let us know by using this form: SUPPORT FORM


Q. How can I send suggestions/requests to the clip producers?

A. If studio enables this feature on their store, there will be a "Comments" menu option near the top of the store. Click on this and you will see a form you can use to send studio feedback, suggestions and requests. You can optionally provide your email address if you wish to receive a reply, or you can send it anonymously.


Q. How can I sell my clips on meanclips.com?

A. You need to have at least 5 clips to get started. Click on Studio Sign Up option at the bottom of every page and follow instructions from there. Let us know if you need assistance or if you have any questions.


Q. How can I rate the clips I purchased?

A. After you login and click on Purchased Clips menu option you will see all the clips available for your download. Under each clip there is an option to rate is from 1 star (worst) to 5 stars (best).


  Q. Why should I create a customer account?

A. Some of the benefits of creating an account are:

- first of all, you need one to download the clips you purchased

- creating the account is easy - you just provide your email address and choose a password. No other information is needed

- you can "subscribe" to your favorite stores - new clips from these stores will appear on your home page

- you can save favorite clips without purchasing them right away

- your home page will also contain personalized recommendations based on the clips you purchased or favorited in the past

- you can rate the clips you purchased



Q.How can I contact you?

A. If your question is not answered in this F.A.Q page, please send us a message. The best way to get a prompt response is to use our CUSTOMER SUPPORT FORM and send us your question with as much detailed information as possible. Alternatively you can call us (toll free if you are in the USA) at (888) 677-5655






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